to this weekend, the americans with disabilities act 25 anniversary. The issue after 25 years, the act is committed to break the barriers facing the disabled, and effective. It gives unprecedented protection of disabled persons, against disability discrimination, modification of the building, building environment more suitable for the disabled by life. Therefore, it’s birthday, quite worth celebrating.

in the americans with disabilities act under the various efforts, people with disabilities in the physical world have greatly reduce the difficulty of life, but in the digital world, they are still faced with problems, and the present, the proportion of the digital world in our daily life is increasing.

as a matter of fact, the current technical conditions, we are fully capable to solve this problem. So, in about three months ago, America’s second largest mobile operators AT& T working with Ability laboratory at the university of New York the United States launched the Connect Ability challenge, AT& T provided a $100000 bonus, for solving the disabled living problems of science and technology works.

soon, more than 60 applications from around the world on the researchers desk. In order to better evaluate the practical value of these technology products, research and development personnel spent months working with some people from the disabled community, trying to understand them in the use of technology products, to meet even the most subtle problems. Today is the anniversary of the americans with disabilities act, the second day of the same day announced the winners.

get the $25000 top prize, is a section called Kinesic Mouse software, it can let the disabled person on the head of a slight movements and facial expressions to control the computer. Winning entries and mobile technology, real time transcribing the dialogue, and greatly help the deaf people. Also works with beacon technology, scan the environment to help the blind. All these works not only let people with disabilities can use science and technology products, let them use more conveniently.

25 years ago, senator ted Kennedy through congress drew up the americans with disabilities act, followed by U.S. President George H.W. bush stroke of a pen, the bill was born. The President wants to “break down barriers to reject the stigma of the disabled”, let the disabled americans also can realize the value of life. Awards, technicians, advocates, and scholars gathered in midtown Manhattan, in the party, senator Chuck Schumer of New York in a speech in public: “through science and technology to remove the barriers to remain disabled life, with such a contest to mark the 25th anniversary of the americans with disabilities act anniversary, is really couldn’t be better.”

Schumer said, after the americans with disabilities act, a lot of steps into a ramp by the road, the convenient wheelchair, this change is very simple, but gives much convenience for the disabled, allowing them to get around, enjoy the charm of the city. Now, the americans with disabilities act has put these facilities for the disabled, joined the urban design of the standard. , then we need to do is to make the products of science and technology, and into the lives of people with disabilities.

the mayor’s office services for people with disabilities director Victor Calise said: “with the change of science and technology, we should consider the disabled groups, to ensure that every people with disabilities will be able to use.”

AT& T hold competition focus on innovative products, intended to help the disabled contact science and technology of the world at the same time, silicon valley’s biggest technology companies are doing similar things. Facebook the org.eclipse.swt.accessibility team is working by inserting narrator, help blind people use social networks. They have built a “Empathy Lab (Empathy Lab)”, designed to let workers, experience using feeling.

big technology companies it is very important to these efforts, ensure the influence of the americans with disabilities act to achieve, not stopping with the 25th anniversary. Victor Calise also said: “we need more like AT& T like, the struggle for the disabled. Now is the time for power.


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