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cloud network hunting note: people always say that doing good deeds should not be named, but it really good? A personal behavior of goodwill should be recorded at ordinary times, when your good deeds from others, you must be happy; Besides, it also can be used as an evaluation standard. PersonalHeroes is such a thumb up application designed for good behavior.

we engaged in the activities of every day more and more be traced, our life is slowly becoming can be measured. Our consumption activities, buying behavior and sharing actions tell others our whereabouts. Klout influence analysis tool (online) by ranking algorithm and semantic analysis to the user in the activity on social network analysis, so as to get a score can quantify your influence. But now a new start-up companies want to track the other things: good works. PersonalHeroes is a social platform, it will track your positive impact on the lives of others, and through the special algorithm to evaluate your good behavior and give you a good score, let the whole world can know your score.

PersonalHeroes founder of Stephanie Knopel think we are used to assess Esty (a web shop platform) suppliers and other business partner network five-star evaluation system is not perfect, because people seldom like to evaluate a person to evaluate suppliers. PersonalHeroes wants to make the evaluation system to online shoppers to find your favorite supplier, let the interviewer can choose according to the degree of candidate of goodwill. PersonalHeroes want to provide users with a way to earn honor for themselves, rather than just rely on some social media followers to comment on yourself. Before PersonalHeroes established Knopel is a trend forecast consultant; With longer working hours, he saw a lot of companies and individuals in each aspect has done better and better. Knopel think good deeds will let a person look cool.

Knopel said in an interview: “kindness is a brand new sexy”

how to introduce the following PersonalHeroes work: people in PersonalHeroes application can use positive language to the behaviour of others, such as Amy today to help me open the door, Steve returned the wallet to me; Then system algorithms will be to evaluate their behavior, and play the corresponding scores. High quality good deeds had the greatest influence on the user’s score, score and the number of good deeds for impact is not big. PersonalHeroes and charity algorithm will work according to the user scale to analyze the influence of the matter itself. PersonalHeroes not because you are a celebrity will give you a high score, ordinary people also have the chance to get good grades.

Knopel said in an interview, “Taylor? Swift is a good example.” Why do you say that, because of her personal information is absolutely fascinating, there is a large amount of personal stories; she So there might be a lot of people to evaluate these stories, she admired for her. But never for the application to her score evaluation more people up to her.

PersonalHeroes work team to set up his own system algorithm, specially consulted many mathematicians, game designers, and religion. In order to detect and enhance their own rating system, they also make the reward system, the system does not exist any deceptive. Its score from 0 to 1000, but according to the criteria of PersonalHeroes, only a few people can reach more than 900 points. Knopel said in an interview.

this is actually, PersonalHeroes disturbing easily; Because you will feel good degree is determined by other people, like now, people still get used to Uber driver’s rating system (Uber is to make customer to grade the driver). But you can definitely trust, PersonalHeroes no retaliatory evaluation: it provides a user can’t use negative words to describe a behavior of others or give someone else a negative rating. Even when you are in a period of time have not received any comments or reward, your score will not decline.

Knopel in the interview, also said, “we are not scoring system you meet its criteria it will give you good grades, it is a process of according to you thank others and others approval process to score you get.”

PersonalHeroes plan launched in September this year. They deliberately delayed release is information in order to obtain the user behavior of “critical mass”, and find the perfect tester to test it. PersonalHeroes and Coca-Cola company the application of the pilot project, the project started in January this year. The beverage giant companies want to track the employee’s performance, from his company headquarters staff began (Atlanta, Georgia, USA); But soon the Coca-Cola company will be the pilot project has been generalized to its branch in Japan, Argentina, Germany and Mexico. Knopel said in an interview.

the global expansion of the pilot project for PersonalHeroes this is a big thing, but the start-up companies and on the development route of the start-up companies are usually the first in a single market built their user base, and then put the expansion costs transferred to other countries. Knopel from Latin America, he thinks PersonalHeroes direct global expansion is necessary; Because it can make the system caused by cultural difference algorithm can understand the different concept of benevolence. In fact, the application itself reflects this: take return the wallet is a good behavior, users can get 25 points for Israel, but if the user of Chile, he can get 200 points. It is because few would return the wallet in Chile, the number of people to return the purse is far less than Israel, therefore system algorithm can combined with the regional difference between the corresponding points. No matter which country users, PersonalHeroes will deliberately hide every good behavior can obtain the actual scores, this is to prevent users from deliberately make corresponding actions in order to get high marks. At the same time they also want PersonalHeroes test team can gain the most real and accurate data, let them a better understanding of the global good mode, and the age, skin color, gender, and any other factors, achieve the fair and just. Knopel said in an interview.

Reminded Knopel

application of test results, there are now many new applications are discovered this: if you don’t immediately for those who interact with application service providing rewards, they immediately uninstall the application. So PersonalHeroes users registered as long as can get the corresponding points, new users praise after five people will obtain the corresponding scores. According to the tests of the Coca-Cola company, people think that the can always return to praise others, this is a positive feedback loop, Knopel said in an interview. From the macro point of view, this is the real purpose of the app: light good behavior in People’s Daily life, quietly encourage people to become more friendly. That might sound a little square, but a lot of school of thought that gratitude is a powerful way of personal happiness.

but if people in order to improve their scores, and registered the innumerable puppet account? If true, that will cost him a lot of time, Knopel said in an interview, PersonalHeroes refining algorithms of the system; Once thought is artificial evaluation, will be the tag. Finally there is a problem, now people are in the so-called Internet era of narcissism, if people do good deeds just asked to get good grades?

“if someone asked me a lot of people just do not good, also can be approved? Ok, I have to admit that the question so well.” Knopel said in an interview, “I think, if we can do more not intentional ACTS of kindness are good; But if someone to satisfy his vanity, that’s their problem, and now many this kind of problem, too.” Knopel said in an interview.

a lot of times, people do good deeds can easily be neglected, especially when you are in work environment. If the company plans to hire the millennial generation, have to prepare in advance. Millennials Knopel think more eager to get praise and attention than others. Use PersonalHeroes Knopel hope to attract more enterprises, help them to increase the millennial generation employee retention. This and PersonalHeroes plan to set up good relations within the company’s goal to match, just like Coca-Cola. After PersonalHeroes listed, they also plan to launch the SDK, let LinkeIdn (global professionals communicate platform) such a network platform for users to score high on PersonalHeroes position.

PersonalHeroes before release, and there are many uncertain factors. But one thing is worth looking forward to: PersonalHeroes seems to be the first to “benevolence” (honor index) to evaluate the application.

“we are not in copy the business model, is not in the copy someone else’s ideas or brand. At present, no we are doing evaluation system on the market.” Knopel said in an interview.


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