when you create and sell OKCupid (after dating sites) will choose to do? Entered the field of public key management of course!

Keybase thus arises at the historic moment, the company announced today by Andreessen Horowitz led for A round of funding for $10.8 million.

Max Krohn and Chris Coyne, the two founders in 2013 left OKCupid began to think seriously about what you should do, then take out the unusual step. They decided to his skill and safety knowledge in the application design is used to solve the problems existing in the public key has been on. Although many people have realized that this idea is great, but for most ordinary people, they are slow to technology problem.

computer encryption technology has existed for more than 40 years, during which there are many similar to Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) tools, they make the technology more popular, but to master these tools inevitably needs certain technical level, so they never become mainstream.

Keybase make it simple, encourage the public to try further.

like Krohn announced the financing post wrote: “we will protect the end user from the encryption too complicated troubles, at the same time let the code more concise, easy to audit and circulation.”

by making open source product and they do it, so its transparency and safety can meet your expectations, including a failure can maintain integrity rewards program. Chris Dixon the main investors in Andreessen Horowitz said Keybase charming lies in the user high credibility.

“code is open source, the database is, you just need to believe that they are using encryption algorithm, because of security experts to analyze everything, it will be fully open and could be approved by security agencies.”

although most Internet service will use encryption technology, Dixon was mentioned in a blog post these solutions fail due to a variety of factors: the conversion of various forms of encryption is applicable to different Internet services, and hackers and data breaches are always exist, mainly because the software error, the staff mistakes, imbalance in the product design, law and management decision-making errors exist in the impeccable encryption agreement on the other.” Popular, is just a grain of a mouse is broken.

Keybase founder think creation and looking for a particular public key is the primary problem, before the public key to create system is very complicated, but Keybase make it simple: based on your social identity to create, and these are known as (or easier to find) information made to identify the identity of others more simple.

the next step is to create that allows a user to send and receive encrypted information and simple file sharing application, namely Keybase. Krohn said their team is working hard to improve, hope people can realize the importance of encryption and using these tools, convenient for your life.

founder is uncertain how to use these products to make money, but they can be sure of is: not before taking OKCupid sponsored by advertising operation pattern. Andreessen Horowitz believe that this is a very important technology, now they are trying various means.

in general, the hope that others will be used and the enterprise to participate in their technology, Krohn, said: “we are determined to get the favour of consumer, believe that once consumers begin to contact the public key, the technology can be popular and continuous development.”


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