(text/Tan Ziling)

a picture tells a story, the story of you and I because the figure is outside the story, because of affinity. Kan figure is such a picture of social software.

“carrier of the image itself is a very informative image represents a story that represents the only one in the only moment, the only time taken personally, I think the value of images is very huge,” said kan figure for the COO. For uncle as an after 70, the picture has a special feelings, he likes taking photos, like to collect images.

The main functions of the

kan figure for sharing and barrage. Users can directly share their photographs, other users can conduct the analysis on the photos in the form of a barrage, makes the picture into a flat chat rooms. In addition, the user can focus on each other, between private chat.

“on the one hand, the person’s property can be manifested through the picture, a picture is on behalf of the user’s tastes, hobbies, such as information, on the other hand, the critique is the picture itself back to a state of communication, the formation of a social interaction atmosphere,” tell hunting for cloud network. Now 90 young people due to the lack of social experience, after the social has certain oneness, kan figure through the way of the picture for them to build a new social relations.

it is understood that kan figure App in early June 2015, the registered users to nearly 70000. The new version to be released this week, will add tags, the type of users can mark their photos.

in a foreign country, picture social applications sets a valuation of the last year at almost one 7 of the value of Facebook, a new generation of social media picture Snapchat is attracting more and more young users; Domestic, Nice as a allows users on the photo photo sharing application of the label, is liked by the young people. To some extent, these products are more for the user to find a reason to share photos. The emphasis of the kan figure is as the carrier, based on the pictures for the user to create an interactive points of interest, and then to carry out the social relations.

on the business model, kan figure for media resources, based on the pictures for income generation. In the future, for said the team will be based on user feedback to continuously improve products, let users through the beautiful pictures to share with others the real you.

according to hunt cloud network learned that kan figure is shenzhen dacheng information technology co., LTD., its products all over the world, before the company focused on information security field, the CEO is Wu Lu, DLP Ren Qiming stars senior product manager, with 15 years experience, information security, 7 years experience in data leak proof; The CTO of the company is huang xin, which is also called “ice age”, is the author of the ice Trojan software; For is the COO of the company, used to work at Microsoft in recent 10 years, then the main work in the media operations.

in addition, cloud network hunting, shenzhen dacheng world information technology co., LTD. In 2014, completed the middle of A round of funding, based on the development of kan figure now consider further financing.