ali announced in “world reading day” into the network literature, read the article about tencent, baidu literature and big group formation is a dominant or’s combination of strong forces, the industry has never stopped. Joy book’s main sponsors NiYanXiang convective cloud says: “the network literature is a giant seems to have been took out of the market, giant is likely to remain the main share in the future. But as the movement the popularization, is of great importance to develop the market there will be more energy. The novel is not only a novel. With the combination of film and television, game will be more and more closely.”

a week ago guest do is the joy of the online book in the “development of energy”.

and operation for a long time reading platform, joy mass or the original book guest body do provide a platform of the novel. The product design books, list, classification, search the four modules. The guest book small make up recommend books will carefully for you. Since wu in October 2003 after starting point for the VIP charge system, the network literature gradually formed a set of assembly line work. The basic operation flow is: signing the writers – work – electronic toll – books publisher – mobile reading rights – mobile game or page – content adapted to manga and anime, network game to overseas copyright transfer, film and television, games, into the back end. Joy book guest do reading platform and barrage, gaming platform integration:

a is open barrage reading mode, readers can send in any place barrage. Barrage of statement will be formed in the sidebar on the right side of the prose of green fun tags. Click view function support. In the article below black modules, there will be a barrage of leap. Achieve the harmonious combination of dynamic and static. Reading is different from person to person, of course, if you find reading a novel the illicit close sex of the gained the upper hand, barrage can also shut down.

2 is joy guest book within the network literature infiltrated more interactive form, inside the platform to build a small vertical community. Low hurdles found interface to build five segments: review of area, comprehensive discussion, book drought area of mutual aid, dynamic and UP the rankings. Can set up their own clubs share dynamic circle, build a book club social circle.

three platform is set up corresponding grade system, through the task execution to win awards and more open access. The plate is still in development, will be present in the form of pass game. Through the psychology implicit measures to improve customer loyalty and active.

happy guest book focuses on IP network literature market. Now that is to be content, attract writers in the platform is a threshold. For a line of writers, NiYanXiang said traffic purchase cost is too high. In the heated competition of market, joy guest book on the one hand is hope through word of mouth publicity for users. 2 it is preliminary idea offensive curtilage, B stand in barrage hot source access for recognition in the form of advertising. 3 it is to get in touch with the college of literature to establish relations of cooperation, explore high-quality potential producers, the platform benefits beyond shanda literature writers.

hunting cloud network considering for start-up companies, model innovation will be facing the risk of being copied. NiYanXiang said: “in our view, the operation of network literature platform is a long-term process. The loyalty of the readers, authors and platform and active that we should vigorously promotes the point.”

about the company’s profit model, joy guest book said a year or two will not advertise implant, content and props will be sold primarily. On the one hand of subsequent chapters is the traditional reading to collect fees, the second is according to user’s access rights and interests of the proper service. As to the late planning, joy guest book to day 50000.

happy guest book is made up of a predominantly after the 90 team. The angel has got 2 million seeds.