(text/Yin Zixuan)

a startup, it is a difficult thing. Although some people finally succeeded, there are a lot of people fail, but they are in the process of effort and persistence, let them become a worthy of respect man.

and hunting cloud network this interview – the li xiang, the founder of “office” easily is the worthy of respect for a fresh blood in the group.

li xiang was reading junior started preparations for the office family, in March this year, he took a friend who used to do promotion, office easy to race to the market. Today he was just a fresh graduates, he led the office easy race also embarked on a journey.

with the development of entrepreneurial hot, more and more small and medium-sized companies. Office is easy to clan will target customers focus on the small and medium enterprises and Internet start-up, build a platform to provide office supplies service.

“at the moment, it is very hard to achieve cooperation and big company, big company already has a fixed channel replenish onr’s stock and process. So in the short term, our goal is to the small and medium enterprises, but in the later period, large companies will also be our goal.”

office yi clan is a very simple web site, enter the interface will find that they are only selling office supplies, such as folders, notebooks and all kinds of office furniture.

about founded reason, founder li xiang told hunting cloud network, “in fact, the reason is very simple, I have a family is to do office products this piece; We are interested in the Internet at the same time, it plans to build a office products electric business platform based on Internet.”

office easy online time is in March this year, the family is invested a lot of manpower material resources to market development in Shanghai. Li xiang said, when the office is easy to carry out this model in Shanghai and developing well, they will be on a large scale promotion.

“we are currently zero profit pattern, we have our own supply channels, the purchase price is very low. Replenish onr’s stock in the warehouse, and then sell, but our purchase price and sale price is the same, we don’t make a difference. In this way, our price compared with other websites or retailers are very have an advantage.”

in terms of logistics, office is easy to use is a form of outsourcing, the family pays by the user.

as to why is this pattern, li xiang said, “later we are going to do a service platform. First for a few small office supplies, when an enterprise reached cooperation with us, we will charge a fixed fee, after them from our platform for the office supplies are ex-factory price; On the other hand, is the office furniture, etc., for large we will make the difference. In this case, we have a huge advantage in price.”

at present, the company to undertake procurement of office supplies, one type is an entity shop on the Internet or scattered procurement, the other is some offline small providers to local companies. But how about whether competing goods, almost also to profit is through to make profits, by letting users of fixed fee and then provide them with a complete set of office supplies service idea is very novel, also can be better for this way to the user. How to open the market, however, change the target company is the purchasing mode, is need them more and hard thinking.

and li xiang told hunting cloud network, “the first cooperation with our customers is very difficult and time consuming, we are tried to contact the target company procurement, head of the early through the free service to establish cooperation relations, the late start fixed service fee. In the future, we also hope to build their own brand of office supplies.”

the office easy to clan are actively in the process of financing.