in the field of the anti lost, intelligent equipment emerge in endlessly, the lost market has gradually mature abroad. At home, from the high pretend bility to obscure products are slowly into people’s lives, “the nut prevent threw the patch” early intelligent prevention products, characteristic is joined the social network to help retrieve function. “Fine” is on the basis of the lost, strengthen the function of remote control music playback and PPT. SmartWallit Pro main wallet lost. BPair mobile partner can say the perfection on the function, especially a secret u disk. Today, when it comes to JAALEE what a lost the product?

open JAALEE web client interface, you can see the page layout of concise and black and white picture style, like JAALEE UI design, JAALEE products is also very concise. It is a low power consumption bluetooth throw any proof, 2.6 mm thin slices, can be placed in the purse to hang or stick on the object, close to 70 metres of accurate positioning, waterproof and dustproof, long battery.

JAALEE founder CEO yan tell hunting cloud network support, and a lot of lost; preventer on market, JAALEE without using traditional GPS positioning, it combines the Beacon of advanced technology, not only can be smaller than any other, can also solve many disturbing things, can be said to be a personal assistant tools, is also a kind of new intelligent housekeeper. JAALEE team product purpose is to let the life become simple, therefore, they in the mobile client, for the user to design the 6 kinds of scenarios, to meet different needs in the life. The users only need to use a JAALEE hardware is combined with the corresponding App for binding, then add the necessary scenes for use. The

if you choose to find orientation class scene, such as articles for daily use, keys, bank CARDS, remote control, etc., can help to find fast. Another JAALEE can also be placed in the trunk, JAALEE may, by way of motion sensing to alert users to users when they get off the bus or off the plane luggage;

in the health monitoring scenario, users can carry a piece JAALEE hung, at the time of movement, it will record the user’s physiological load of exercise, and can be like millet bracelet or iWatch monitoring health;

a lot of products on the market also do pet anti lost, and the pet class scene, JAALEE portable at it, and it can record the pet movement function and appear more intelligent;

sweet remind class scene, can in the user near objects, to alert users to cheat, watering the flowers, for example, sports, etc., are all the user wants to get life convenience;

drop class scene, like a wallet dropped my valuables will call the police, and the user does not need to open the App, it will automatically push message to remind;

in mobile scenarios, such as open the door, or when children come into contact with dangerous goods JAALEE will remind and alarm in time.

of course, JAALEE also has the function of control cell phone photos.

yan tell hunting cloud network support, it is the home is not a very perfect and mature to realize the value of all Beacon technology, products on the market of anti lost most of single function, binding, and there are a lot of consumption and JAALEE since the initial low consumption bluetooth 6 mm, gradually evolution both in hardware and software, to solve the pain points of concision function is not perfect. Let users in the absence of lazy intelligent life experience.

recently, JAALEE has already started to test the application of products to market, gradually increase the function, looking for parking Spaces, the shops when real information push, join the tourist group will soon realize the function such as attendance. Because Beacon technology powerful combination of precise positioning and large data, a small scale will get more profit model.

hunting cloud network learned that JAALEE in foreign markets have a certain sales, and got the good reputation. Products such as to be more perfect, JAALEE will also in the domestic market, and is coming to taobao, the raise.