hunting cloud network will be in this Saturday (July 11) substation in chengdu to give priority to the theme of the series enjoy private investors share will “investors say” series activities 5 , the current sharing guest with high pitch, managing director of Zhou Hongliang , and entrepreneurs to share – entrepreneurial teams should how to reasonable design of equity structure and conflict resolution system . the event is not made public, only startup vice President level more personnel to attend.

the guest profile: Zhou Hongliang, with high investment in the current managing director, had Ren Yingfei’s CEO securities funds.

previous investment projects including biodegradable cardiovascular stents, rich hydrogen water projects, medicine, advanced intermediates, medical projects, vertical and electricity projects, currently a O2O real estate investment is the nearest electricity project. Now focus on TMT early incubation and investment value chain upstream and downstream. Around of electronic science and technology university alumni spheres of technology, talent and do early hatching and accelerating global alumni resources, over Israel for technology transfer and the introduction of advanced technology and talents.

attached: the investors share the outline:

about entrepreneurial teams equity structure and partner to the partnership, withdraws from the , conflict resolution system design and arrangement of

a, the reasonable proportion of equity structure

2, founding partner of equity of access mechanism

(a). The classification of equity partners

(1) short term resource commitment/long term resource provider

(2) angels/outside investors

(3) professional part-time staff/technical Daniel consultant

(4) the internal staff members/internal core employees

(5) outside the raise partner or channel provider (resources)

(2) the founding partner of equity access standard

3., equity withdrawal mechanism of internal and external partners

(1) managing partner expected

(2) set a partner out of the rules of the game

(3) of the four major problem solution.

4, founding partner of major solutions on the conflicts and differences

host: hunting cloud network

this guests: medium to high pitch, managing director of Zhou Hongliang

this topic: entrepreneurial teams should be how to reasonable design of equity structure and conflict resolution system


7 month 11 (Saturday)

location: the high-tech zone of chengdu tianfu software park zone D 5 inspiration coffee


friendship comes activities line circle housekeeper activists for media dreamworks idlers interconnected pushed the actor Internet activity tree salon has Internet participant guide solo music club penguin m, micro chain

limit number: 1 00 people (completely free)

activity agenda:
13 points 00-13 PM sign in
13:30-14 PM speaker
14 PM – 15 PM audience questions, answer guest
15 PM – 16 points 00 free exchange

completely free, this activity USES the registration system, refused to airborne .

preferred registration way: in the following form to fill out the registration information, thank you ( note: don’t print the ticket, receive registration message on OK ) or send the registration information (including name, phone, email, company, position) to the 15686045193 (please send at least 3 hours before the beginning of the next activity)