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editor’s note: the age of the Internet, don’t lack most is the innovation, the news media as well. If startups new ideas emerge in endlessly, but if you want to in the Internet age, to gain a foothold, is not easy. The age of the Internet, news start-ups bureau of life and death, who advocate ups and downs!

today to introduce the seven new media, was created in 2005. Today’s well-known Chinese new media emerge in endlessly, may make a person dazzling. Inventory of the seven big news here and, though the different fate, there is still “the apprentice”, have been “sponsor”, but that definitely is renowned, name one. China has a saying “take the essence and discard the dregs”, the inventory hope to be able to give you a chance to think and learn.


established in: 2006

founder: Om Malik

mobiles is a media sites related to blog, created in California San Francisco. Site provides about startups, new technology and other technology related news, analysis and opinion suggestion, is listed as CNET ‘s Blog top 100. (cloud network hunting note: CNET, a media company in San Francisco, focuses on science and technology press, 1993 by Halsey Minor and Shelby Bonnie.)

website, the founder of the former Forbes columnist Om Malik after operation for several years personal blog, as a company founded in 2006, the mobiles. In June 2006, he left his job, dedicated mobiles. Related to site initially gathered some blogs and some network services. By 2011, mobiles on the basis of consolidating website blog, on the gigaom.com website will again under the label content is classified into different themes, where you can find your favorite information science and technology, more convenient and quick!

since 2006, mobiles have mobiles Events plate under the organization of science and technology conference, these projects include: a year mobiles RoadMap, paidContent Live, Mobilize and Structure series (Structure, Structure, Data and Structure: Europe).

in 2008, Malik specified Paul Walborsky as the company’s chief executive; In 2009, the company released the mobiles Pro, a technology research based on subscription service. On February 8, 2012, the company through the acquisition of ContentNext Media, will PaidContent. In September 2014, Walborsky stepped down.

on May 9, 2015, mobiles, stopped working only on the web site simply says the company has been closed, “existing assets controlled by creditors. Malik said publications have spent more than we received. When the website has 6.4 million page views per month. On May 22, 2015, the acquisition of mobiles Knowingly corp. (hunting cloud network note: Knowingly Corp., an Austin Internet start-ups), says it will be in August to run website.


founded in: 2008

founder: DevHD

just, launched in 2008 by DevHD DevHD first product is the Streets, to be able to aggregate all kinds of online resources, is the foundation of the just. Just for RSS feeds are optimized, published for the first time on June 15, 2008.

Google Reader announced discontinued in 2013, and just is as the best supplies for fame. Is just a RSS feed tools, puts the user in the news feeds of various online resources polymerization, and its extension to these resources to make a custom interface, and displayed in the form of a magazine. Can also change the layout of the interface itself, the classification of color, feeds, thumb up article or comment that oneself like, these articles can be via E-mail, Facebook, Google +, bursts of share, Twitter and other services. Just also has a mobile terminal, but different from using the version of the browser. Just the App can’t load an entire article, and will render its abstract, and links to articles on the web browser, the application is also based on user used to read or share to recommend the content of the article.


established in: 2010

founder: Mike McCue and Evan Doll

a unique was established in 2010, the headquarters is located in California, its founder is Mike McCue and Evan Doll, it is reported that a unique has been very low-key D get $50 million round of funding. Reports that Twitter is working with its negotiations, is expected in May to billions of dollars the price of the stock acquisition of the enterprise, but the deal has not become a reality, Google and Yahoo are shown buying interest.

a unique is a digital platform for the news, when users use to let them choose their subjects of interest, and then read the specific section will also recommend some related outstanding articles or outstanding theme. Some magazine will use a lot of media to make yourself stand out from the crowd, a unique is not exceptional also, users can enjoy while reading its recommended some new songs. A unique way of sharing is diverse, and various social application and mail is the foundation, if you share the object is also a unique user, his new feed will show a short message.


established in: 2010

founder: p leyshan and

ZAKER launched on December 18th 2010, the founder of PLC, and its product concept is deliver value information, service for quality of life. ZAKER has been low-key financing, valued at $200 million.

ZAKER with its elegant typography design and comfortable reading experience, its classification section is very diverse, with information, entertainment, science and technology, finance, fashion, cars, travel, life and so on many kinds of 20, the source of the articles or information is very rich, covering 2000 media, self-built channels. The user can according to individual be fond of subscriptions, also can obtain information from ZAKER intelligent push function. For items of interest, if the friend was ZAKER user, then you can communicate directly within the application, of course, also can through the microblogging, WeChat, QQ, E-mail and other social media platforms share photo collection. For ZAKER, positioning is high-end users first, then slowly sinking, is recommended for different systems and models, with different sectors, to find a solution to the differentiation.

Paper. Li

established in: 2010

founder: Edouard Lambelet and Iskander Pols

Paper. Li in 2010 by Edouard Lambelet and Iskander Pols co-founded, after a new round of financing, the enterprise’s total funding to $7 million, the money will be used for the growth of the stable income, to achieve breakeven point next year, the deployment of a good Paper. The development of li.

Paper. Li to provide management services, allows everyone to create their own “online newspaper”, as long as users in social media (Twitter, Facebook, and G +) had to share the content or some online articles on YouTube and blogs. , “said Lambelet Paper. Li only custom user trust the source of the article, the user to specify some source, you can also set a filter, then our equipment would be to match the content of the present in the user’s newspaper together.” Basic subscription function are free, but pay functions, users can enjoy the customer domain edit your CSS newspaper (hunting cloud network note: Cascading Style Sheets, shorthand CSS, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), a kind of computer language for structured document to add Style), so it can add Google Analytics, advertising, or attached to the email newsletter.


established in: 2011

founder: Mike Klaas

Mike is the creator of the

Zite Klaas, from vancouver, British Columbia university computer eight researchers develop intelligence laboratory, Zite in 2011 for about $20 million buyout by CNN, in March 2014 to be competitors unique to $60 million. A unique’s chief executive, said Zite technology and recommendation engine is one of the main reasons why a unique acquisition.

Zite provides automatic adjustment of the customized reading experience, on the social network in a user has read the articles or comments to analyze their preferences. Zite was used for the first time will show a series of choices, such as: sports, big news, and earth science, such as when the user selects and then combined with its account of the social network user preferences to mining. Users can give the article in the personalization and share thumb up or expression doesn’t like (this allows Zite further understand user), also can ask on a topic, the author or source to push more articles, through a variety of ways to share social networks.