unconsciously we have in the “micro age” : chat with WeChat, micro store shopping, check in with microscopic check-in, micro site has a website… WeChat become bigger and stronger in this platform, driving the rise of all kinds of “service”.

the interactive push is a help businesses on WeChat one-stop platform of brand promotion, to lease the activity template agent using SaaS model, support agents to generate an interactive advertising platform, provide micro activities for the business agent, micro game template. Interactive push charge according to the using time, at the same time, for a fee on each transaction. The agent for the first time use to pay the deposit and agency fee.

activities belong to product of lightweight, strong timeliness, high frequency low price, but lower development costs, barriers to market is not high, industry concentration is not high. Big to the well-known brands, small to a variety of stores belong to target customer groups. Website is now services customers include bank of China, bank of communications, China’s ping an, jiangsu satellite TV, etc.

as wal-mart to gain market share in the form of low permeability, more fans and more attention means a bigger market. So “powder,” it was not a bit low, it is the key to gain market share. Traditional mode, the businessman to do need to find advertising company planning a micro activity, and then advertising company looking for outsourcing company. High time cost, communication cost is high, and the uncontrollable risks.

in the interactive, merchants can free to experience all kinds of activities after registration template, online payment can be put into use. Various holidays is a micro activity consumption peak, interactive push besides case set, template library, also have holiday project classification, such as the Chinese valentine’s day, the Mid-Autumn festival, such as teachers’ day, businesses can choose according to their own preferences about running, fingerprints, eating moon cakes and other activities.

interactive push CEO Kim told cloud network hunting, the team was doing little game prop, is inserted into the various virtual prize in the game, players can get prize after customs clearance, but need to players for the game prepaid phone. But later found the profit model cycle is long, liquidity pressure. Then “nerve cat” hot makes the micro activity of cost-effective, micro game into people’s horizons, and gold only thought of will be sold by the hours used single micro events.

“, originally is also going to do self to sell directly to the end customer. Then considering the agent system is relatively mature, most of the agents have their own fixed customer base, have the demand of marketing, then adopted the pattern now.” Jin wei said.

planning, interactive push plans to introduce template development team, to provide the template content. Plow interactive platform is mainly responsible for data analysis and resource integration. Platform will introduce virtual prize suppliers at the same time, directly to provide clients with prizes.

team, CEO of gold from product manager, who play in golden hill network, voice (YY); Activity template development lead, also from more play; Development and marketing director, head of the working experience of many years and is rich in resources.

financing, interactive push has obtained seed round of investment, investors for individual investors. Currently in preparation for the angel round, expected to amount to 5 million.