earlier this year, Luna already obtain financing. A can adjust temperature, record your sleep patterns and be able to connect to it equipment of Luna mattess gets more than 100 investment.

Luna now joined the famous incubator Y Combinator, and at the same time receive 1.3 million dollars from private investors and investment; From early reservation and the raise of the products in it also obtain a similar amount of income.

Luna, co-founder of Matteo Franceschetti said in an interview that Luna is the investment in the website of Indiegogo raise the raise activities prior to the start. So why do it for all Indiegogo raise? Franceschett said, is to attend the raise activity and early users of the contact and get their feedback on the product. Franceschetti, for example, are aware of the bluetooth connection among the raising activities and the importance of security, so the Luna also wants to attend the raising activities improve the function of the product.

in addition to YC, Luna did not divulge information of other investors. I think we have an interested question, is why Luna to join incubators, since it already successful financing, also won the recognition of consumers. For that matter, Franceschetti it this way: even Luna is on track, but it can still benefit from the guidance of the company; When you are confused, they can help you clear your thoughts.

LUNA is the world’s first intelligent mattress covers, make any bed becomes intelligent control, intelligent management of your bed temperature, track your sleep, and your smart home integration. Include not only keep the bed temperature function, but also provide music hypnosis, automatically turn off the lights, sleep monitoring, intelligent alarm clock, mobile application control and other intelligent furniture supporting services.


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