“the Begin ONE” is an intelligent hybrid electric power bicycle, with the appearance of “mountain bike” type structure, at the handlebars joined the intelligent display design, and equipped with a kettle modelling power lithium batteries. Hybrid system is equipped with “the Begin ONE”, lets the user to switch between foot and electric, exercise bike.

as cycling enthusiasts “Begin ONE” founder Lin Yin rang through its own riding experience to realize the practicability and importance of hybrid, his years of embedded system software and hardware design and control of work experience and previous experience in a row, after preliminary research on the intelligent bicycle products, determine the development of a both practical and modern aesthetic concept fusion hybrid intelligent idea of bicycle.

tell Lin Yin ring cloud network, hunting “Begin ONE ‘smart bike, launched in June 5th, and as early as October 2014,” the Begin ONE “version 1.0 has been developed, after the battery, control system and further improvement of appearance, version 2.0, landing on May 6, jingdong the raise, successfully raised 460000 yuan. At present “the Begin ONE ‘did not join the App design.

Yin think Lin, “the Begin ONE ‘intelligence is not only to have the App as a measure. “Smart bike, first it should be a nice car, then talk about intelligence. ‘Begin ONE lose first make users feel complicated experience design, will only good riding experience for users, is the intelligent hybrid system.”

“the Begin ONE ‘smart mainly embodied in three aspects: ONE is to use small capacity battery to achieve long life, and to achieve ultimate user experience of hybrid control; 2 it is automatically distinguish trample in the moment of the timing and trample intelligent algorithms; Three batteries and in the process of charging and discharging protection and precise calculation of battery.

it is understood that “Begin ONE of the most prominent feature is the support of its functions to identify hybrid batteries. With ordinary water bottles “Begin ONE of similar size batteries weighs 1257 g, the volume of 750 ml, 2.5 hours to complete charging, battery can reach 45 ~ 60 kilometers, hidden within the front frame, the motor can be riding state intelligent recognition, accurate judgment is in the ride or in a state of consciousness touch pedal.

Yin Lin tao, present “the Begin ONE” hybrid bicycle mainly through a high-volume, low-margin business model for user, occupation of intelligent bicycle market first, and then to develop other functions. In particular, “Begin ONE” attaches great importance to after-sales service, after-sale current problems directly in new ways, later will be established around the image store and experience.

competing goods, intelligence become the bicycle r&d strength, such as baidu dubike product launch, such as Yin ring Lin think such a big company focus on intelligent bicycle this one product research and development, in the aspect of product experience will also be wanting. Now other entrepreneurial teams is mainly in bicycles add a intelligent clock or add a App, and the advantage of “Begin ONE of focus.

Yin ring Lin said that difficult business every second of every day, but the harvest of trust, friendship, tolerance is the most precious, after a difficult to solve. About “the Begin ONE ‘future development plan, he said:” the’ Begin ONE belongs to the pure hardware products, after further will launch the App and data, joined the ride to the location and other information services.”

it is reported, “the Begin ONE” has finished millions level Pre – A round of funding, product sales to the online mall after joining manner and offline channels.