(text/Wang Dongguo)

imagine such a life situation: in the same Wifi network, mobile phone can control the power switch, lighting, air conditioning temperature, magnetic door open or close, speakers of your favorite music. This kind of situation is no longer the imagine of science fiction, this way of life is also affect you and me. Intelligent coming boom, and even make the doorbell is smart.

Mato wifi cloud doorbell is a doorbell can be connected to the wifi network intelligence, it through camera records visitors photographs, use wifi network transmission and cloud computing, quickly push images to the host mobile phone. Mato wifi cloud doorbell with zinc alloy material, the size is 118 * 69.5 * 16 mm, weighing 150 g. 120 – degree wide Angle camera, effective pixels in 120. Rely on three 7 alkaline batteries to provide electricity, under the frequency of trigger five times a day, sustainable work for three months. The

Mato wifi cloud doorbell focus on people living security and the need for privacy. It is mainly used in two scenarios:

1: master out time, cloud the doorbell just in time to understand what appeared around the door, and pictures sent to the host cell phone, to ensure safety.

2: when the rest of the house home, the door, and we have visitors can know who goes in the bedroom, even sometimes choose to avoid embarrassment.

industrial design, Mato wifi cloud doorbell installation does not destroy the door physical structure, to share, and traditional doorbell does not affect the function of the traditional cat’s eye. And considering the door to secure, often switch, door does not have the power line, using the design of the battery-powered, charging to avoid trouble.

actually intelligent doorbell already appeared in foreign countries. Such as the United States doorbot and Skybell. Skybell is to install wifi the bell on the cat’s eye. Advantages can be real-time, homeowners can see video scene outside, don’t need a physical transformation across the hall. But takes up the position of the original cat’s eye, not installed App other family members can’t use. Connection speed is slow, power consumption is big, expensive, domestic price of 1499 RMB. At home, there must be a way to move kang, watch, all use similar Skybell structure design. Mato, by contrast, wifi although cloud the doorbell does not provide video calls, but realized the cloud push visitors images to the user’s phone, connection is fast, low power consumption, and cheap, have two years of cloud services free of charge.

business model, Mato wifi cloud doorbell online distribution platform for jingdong and taobao to C, offline development distributors and brand agent, has been through takashimaya and Sam’s club on sale in the country. Profit is given priority to with hardware sales, the cloud service fee income is complementary and advertising platform.

Huang Qinhong was the founder of the cloud the doorbell, also a serial entrepreneur. Huang Qinhong convective cloud network, said the new concept of the traditional industry, company needs new thinking, but the traditional industrial elements a cannot little. In the future to spend a lot of energy to do marketing and customer education work.

it is understood that cloud the doorbell is currently nebula incubator hatching, seeking angel round, funds for the perfect follow-up series products.