cloud network hunting note: , to solve the problem of the city express, the home of large and medium-sized cargo transportation services. This paper quickly sent to founder jiang town some myths about the city express, as well as its individual thinking, the original text is as follows:

recently, the 020 field, there are two hot spots, one is the take-away fires, whether Meituan take-away or baidu take-away, can say more preferential, high popularity; Another hot spots, is the rise of a big Bob fresh electricity, such as Xu Xian net, fruit lele, etc., such as fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, seafood, mainly as a high value-added products of fresh electricity presented explosive growth.

what is behind the two hot? Is what I want to communicate with everybody on Internet + logistics – the next tuyere pigs fly.

today is July 28th, is one of my startup company anniversary of establishment of speed to send. I adjusted a years of experience, is half half is sea water is fire, on the basis of these experiences, I have three statements, sharing with you:

first, next valuation than 150 $enterprise, will be out in the logistics industry; City logistics, in particular, has become a investment tuyere.

second, integrate social idle capacity, vehicle + LCL is the key to city express logistics broken.

third, the last mile of logistics is not only the intersection of the various modes of transportation is the key of the user experience, do a light assets + heavy experience of the company.

1, the next valuation than 150 $enterprise, will be out in the logistics industry; City logistics, in particular, has become a investment tuyere.

the latest investment circle have a saying, each a period before the impulse threw 020 project of VC, are now going to throw an Internet logistics company. It looks like a joke, but the truth is only one – that is the logistics industry is the mother of all the entity classes 020 industries. Whether it’s flowers, cakes, fruits and vegetables, or home improvement home appliance, the user after placing orders, must be sent to the home, the service is completed. So, the logistics in any era, includes the mobile Internet era is a just need.

2, logistics market is enough big, this is a trillion-dollar markets. logistics industry as a whole accounted for GDP18 %, this is more than the proportion of the real estate industry. With the development of economy of electricity, as well as the rise of a new generation of mobile Internet consumer home services will also increase the proportion of the logistics industry.

chop hand clan are familiar with the express industry, maybe you don’t believe that express in 2000 almost no sense, and with electricity development, due to the increase in the number of small commodity, has produced a four-way da (shentong express delivery, yuantong express, zhongtong express, immortal huitong, YunDa express) as well as the large motion express company. A few days ago, 15-year-old guidelines bureau release, due to network retail drives the express service, in the first half of this year the national express service enterprise business income amounted to 119.57 billion yuan, up 33.2% from a year earlier. By express packages for a total of 8.46 billion pieces, year-on-year increase of 2.56 billion pieces, the growth rate of 43.3%. Now, there are several industry have such amazing growth? !

a lot of people think we speed is Courier company, but we are not, we are city express, also solve the last kilometer of logistics, express doing small things, we have to solve the problem of transport in the bulk. (of course, if you need, we are glad to send small items for you.) The logistics market not limited for the next generation of consumer services.

3, the market has a real pain points. at present, the domestic main logistics can say the general situation is set, which is between the main city of transportation, railway, aviation, water transport and needless to say, highway transportation is basic service covered with a more unified and standard line company. But, I’m in on the experience of a main logistics company, a problem often appear in front of me is: “the freight to the destination city, then?”

I found that there are two kinds of main enterprises of usual solution, one is to push the trouble to the customer, asking them to logistics park since. Is another main logistics company find their own a car, but usually need to wait for the arrival of the goods after fill the vehicle with began to turn to send again. And the two methods are obviously not the optimal solution, the former at the expense of the main service ability, and the latter at the expense of his time and efficiency. The demand of the city as a result, many express, is suppressed.

mobile Internet social capacity of car sharing model provides a feasible solution for me, after debugging, an integrated social idle capacity, charged according to the volume, through the intelligent routing multicast send logistics mode gradually clear – this is sent to, really can solve the large and medium-sized city express cargo transport home services.

early last year I have to do to send the idea of time, still feel too, thought that the end of last year, the logistics industry has rise have sprung up a big Bob freight APP, website platform, which has created from the Internet technology companies, namely logistics entity company created. All patterns vary, however, quickly sent to the vehicle + LCL city express mode, landing the warehouse with integration of the post logistics mode, the yun hui logistics loos public transport operation mode, ZhuoHao logistics LCL cargo and port to door sent straight pattern, the Meng Yuan logistics secondary processing center + 3 store mode, always the logistics of the villages and towns comprehensive supermarket logistics model, general logistics one-stop big furniture that occupy the home to send integration mode, less-than-one carload of m logistics distribution mode, colt horse logistics team generation operation mode and cloud bird temporary team mode, the rhino and 58 freight car model, etc., and much more.

according to incomplete statistics, the industry counterparts at the start of the freight class APP up to more than 300, and now to B wheel only nearly 10, have a repeat of the 300 regiment campaign. But, to survive, hold out until the last of the three, can really solve the last mile company logistics problem, will have incalculable great value.

also somebody asked me, “take-away and baidu take-away are said to be doing the same logistics, jingdong home is also doing social crowdsourcing model of logistics, what chance do you have? In fact, their boss made it very clear, 30 minutes 3 kilometers, is the logistics of their standards, they drive electric bicycle, and I do is large goods, farther away (Beijing) within 6 ring, truck is standard. So, we are not competitive, but rather complementary, to the wearer, a city of joint distribution net.

through the above statement, then the city express exactly what to do? Speed pie is not only a platform, but can through integration of idle capacity, provide standardized distribution services, we do want to socialized sharing freight logistics company. For what?

integrate social idle capacity, vehicle + spell goods is the key to city express logistics broken.

mentioned above, more than 300 Internet + APP doing the exploration of the logistics, but, in my opinion, these companies failed to cover every link in logistics, most of the APP from the Angle of information integration, only to provide a platform service; And start thinking about integrating team management is very few, if any, are also the vehicle distribution, which actually is a waste of the advantages of the mobile Internet, and the original scalpers information exchange mode, is nothing but changed his call for the APP, “however, there is no any luan use.”

in order to solve this problem, I spent nearly eight months before startup time to do market research, sampling the throughout the country more than 2000 drivers, through various channels to visit the customers in more than 300 logistics, commerce, a human, in this process, the city logistics market demand have a more profound understanding.

traditional model essentially don’t provide convenient, standardization, low cost, high efficiency of comprehensive dispatching solution: one, the demand of the customers scattered, unscheduled, batch, small batch, in traditional supply chain solutions, often rely on the way to solve the inventory and information system, this method cost is high, and for small and medium-sized businesses almost not feasible; Second, scattered goods delivery destination, to customers, especially small and medium-sized businesses, city can meet the delivery of the cargo service providers lack basic; Three, tend to be high to the requirement of timeliness, goods collection by spell goods often wait for a long time, can’t; Four, pricing and service process has not been standardized.

the three modes of city freight mobile Internet, common:

1 , simple car goods matching mode: similar drops a taxi and fast simple copy of the taxi car goods trading platform. This model is hard to live in city logistics market, the first class C customer demand scenario is not clear, the frequency is not high. Second class B customers and basic there is no car available information does not match the scene, and most of these can’t complete the transaction closed loop model of products, both parties low dependence on platform, the platform also is unable to process, and the price for the deal to take control.

2 , a similar car vehicle model: need models, user can select according to the vehicle type, vehicle leasing trade, namely the smallest trading unit for the vehicle. Compared with the simple car goods matching products, have a clear definition to the price, also can realize the trading closed loop, but due to the basic characteristics of urban internal logistics is the supply of goods is very fragmented, asked for a time limitation of transportation is very high, minimum trading unit for vehicle products for customer goods collection ability request is quite high, class C customers own accumulate to need the vehicle transporting cargo possibility is very small, and the class B customers have perennial cooperation more familiar with drivers and vehicles, only could in the very urgent and no suitable vehicles will only consider temporarily from the outside to find a car, once a stable supply of goods, car goods both sides also likely from the platform. Same or dispersed internal logistics demand, because city is unlikely to appear this kind of mode entrepreneurs want to see a large number of orders for the relay of (unless a single near the end of have the very next vehicle requirements).

3 , the model of virtual team: through all sorts of micro letter or APP mode aggregation driver, the formation of virtual team, will be a class B customer source in internal bidding, JiaDiZhe. This model, since there is no fundamental change of this kind of customer trading patterns and cost structure, (more sufficient supply of the owner of the freight rate must be lower, and the service with rigid cost, owner is unlikely to long-term service with rigid cost lower than the price), and there is no guarantee that the service quality and standards (lowest price delivery must be based on the lowest quality service as the standard), pure subsidies just continued to burn money, or to rely on subsidies to attract turned out and form a stable customer service team to the line (big cargo, the systematic demand of customers tend to have stable traditional team provides services), there is no clear profit model. The platform of virtual teams involved in actual trading only a moment of tender, follow-up service between the driver and owner of the goods, if there are no subsidies, both of us have strong jumped the platform in the middle of the power. The most important thing is that in fact most of the planned requirements are lower efficiency, capacity redundancy as a prerequisite, even so, due to the supply chain is shorter, less regulation in the middle of the warehouse link (to C2B), a temporary adjustment, every day if there is a new trading pattern provides on-demand organization service, these customers will not hesitate to transfer.

and so that all three of these are not the same express the best route, the core is that it did not solve the problem of the urban logistics: discrete + random. Bulk goods, place and random, time random demand.

so the fourth mode, is the “spell goods + vehicle” of mode – speed sent to : our pioneering changed the previous traditional logistics industry to “weight” billing cost structure, press “volume pricing” to sell the shipping space, at the same time, mobile intelligent routing planning can meet the real-time loading unloading and take customer needs, more flexible, some small and medium-sized businesses can be canceled entirely, warehousing, realize flexible distribution; The deal closed loop, standardization of all services.

so quickly sent to pattern is completely different from the above three kinds of mode of the vehicle + spell goods, which is goods can sit on the “car”, also can sit on a “free ride” . Efficiency and cost of comprehensive consideration, through the stock market, changing the structure of the product and cost to achieve real “city logistics o2o innovation”, to achieve real economic and efficient.

mentioned above are talking about speed sent vehicle + mode of the goods, a lot of people will think that is a bit empty, then now talk about the product, data, operation and experience.

strictly speaking, I am not a person for product origin, once in ERP software company as a consultant, later in the logistics company when the boss, but the two experience is one of the biggest help to me, I can start from the user, starting from the demand, and is now needs to guide economic era, the change of demand is the industrial revolution and all logistics and industry transformation and upgrading of the fundamental driving force. Demand difference, diversity, much change, has given rise to our time.

it is said, sent to different places is model, but model not form the core competitiveness, because a competitor’s business model will be changed, even fake can become faster, it is important to note that so entrepreneurs business model not form barriers. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull