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the ink ink is a forgotten English memorizing words of software, to record the daily review the chart way, each individual words based on the difficulty and the student individual memory difference tailored to belong to each students review program for every word.

ink ink is a subsidiary of chengdu ink ink technology products, founder of yue, vouge, Cao Yi school which was founded in the UK the isBuy LTD, during the period of study in the UK, they all sophomore year tuition fee self-sufficient. At present, the core team members have 7 people, 3 people other part-time jobs.

the ink ink entity books as sources of word lists, fully compatible with all the famous entity books on the market, positioning each word forgetting point at the same time, in the form of chart records the daily review the contents of the students, and cooperate with the rich reward strategies to urge students to review according to students’ overall situation of memory, dynamic adjustment review plan, reasonable arrangement to review the relationship between the words and learning.

the ink ink chart including students forgetting curve table, table and memory durability study table, reflect the student rate of each stage have forgotten the words and words of familiar situation, forming a visual chart of learning. In the memory model of ink and ink, different difficult words, different user, different stage of memory, is the three important factors that affect the durability of memory. Ink ink back word memory through statistical behavior in the background, feedback, step by step analysis of three dimensions of data, and data matrix planning user memory.

“on the market now do better memorizing words application scallops, hundred words cut, Rio’s word, not memorizing words, our advantage lies in our more than they concentrate on two things: one is on rote material, for the interpretation of the word, all our new compilation, only show the words at the core of explanation, short but extremely rich artistic conception, help to understand the word; Secondly on memory programming, all the products on the market is through the existing fixed algorithm, there is no difference between user individual memory difference, not distinguish words difficult to memory. We don’t have a fixed algorithm, the memory of our planning data statistics results completely from the user memory.”

yue school to point out that none of the product is on market now the domestic law of real human memory products, follow the universal law of ebbinghaus forgetting curve, in view of the law to a specific individual and specific knowledge memory difference is very big. Program memory is the foundation of all knowledge learning, this kind of product, in the domestic market is a market gap.

cloud network hunting, ink and ink 2.0 is launched in April, 6900 registered users, maintain daily growth rate of nearly 200 registered users, daily registrations are also accelerating growth. Statistics in the past 30 days, downloads grew by 158%, is to look at the growing number of 2 times, use increased by 228%.

the ink ink is a direct application of charge, with sales word limit is given priority to, the first 600 words free, insist on learning with a word limit bonus, share the ink ink can also be rewarded.

yue told hunting cloud network, ink and ink memorizing words is the first phase of the product team, then they will develop other language class memory products, the last hope to memory in a way of knowledge as a whole on a product, make the ink and ink can be used as a help users to make overall plans all memory applications.

in addition, ink and ink Android version will be launched in September, yue said the school if you have good financing channels, they are willing to try.

note: the data provided by the founding team, hunting cloud network does not make any endorsement.

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