(text/Liu Sijing)

, according to the official Windows 10 will be released on July 29, 2015 to download and open, and as the latest default browser Windows 10 Edge will support the extension, which means that the browser extensions of opportunities will come, Infinity New Tab also ready to the battle.

Infinity is a beautiful, simple, quick browser extensions. Based on a browser platform, as a flow entrance product, create innovative Internet navigation products. Polymerization Web App applications at the same time, do a Web App distribution platform.

in December 2014, the product inside, after further technical details adjustment and correction, officially launched in January 1.0 the Chrome store, launched in February 360 the browser shops and stores the cheetah. In march, version 2.0, April increased by Japanese, Spanish, Russian and other 10 kinds of foreign language. At present, the total number of users has reached 100000.

in the mass aesthetic level increasing, the appearance of the traditional site navigation can not meet the requirements of people to the beautiful. Infinity and pure and fresh, beautiful interface, attracted a large group of “appearance”. And traditional custom navigation at ability is poor, can’t let users according to their own habits and personality to customize the Settings, and Infinity to solve these problems:

1, Infinity provide options to make fuzzy processing of wallpaper page icon and text display more clearly, can adjust the icon size, transparency, and number of page icon to set the appearance, automatically adjust the icon size with the size of the browser window.

2, users can use local backup, the cloud data backup for data backup in one of two ways.

3, changes in the weather icon real-time display location at the time the weather; Users can quickly add their own website.

4, Infinity is targeted on the white-collar jobs to create a to-do list, notes, can help users to record things, can also help Gmail users directly displayed on the ICONS unread mail volume, pop-up email notification.

5, the user can use their upload pictures as icon of website, can also will share to other Infinity user icon.

compared with the traditional site navigation, Infinity has some advantages, but the traditional site navigation has a group of users to be reckoned with, and users also produced rely on it, it is hard to short time shift from traditional to new products. Due to different browsers, Infinity of fluency also is not the same, this is the optimization of products put forward higher requirements. Regarding this, liu Ming said to hunt cloud network: “a good product in the first place faster, on the issue of accelerated, Infinity is a long way to go.”

competing goods, remove the traditional site navigation, the current domestic there were also some new generation TAB of the company, but mostly adopt direct copy or imitate the practice of foreign, original degree is very low. Infinity, in contrast, pay attention to original and details, but in terms of user data mining, foreign Speed Dial can users spend time on each site statistics, by using frequency for the user to automatically generate ICONS, Infinity and need to improve in this area.

the next stage, liu Ming said, there are two development directions: one is to make users share bookmarks, link, extending social function, in order to increase the user viscosity; The second is to develop the browser, increase control ability. “Infinity New Tab is always attached to the browser in the form of extension is not long, so today’s first task is to increase the number of users, through a New Tab to do the user habit, increase user dependency, to guide the user to develop their own browsers.” Liu said.

about profit model, the rebate through shopping website links (jingdong) and yahoo!, bing search promotion abroad. In the future, bidding, advanced features (individual important data cloud synchronization) paid, flow, data has imaginary space.

“we put the traditional site navigation make a WebApp aggregation platform, played down the difference between web and App, and this is what I think of a trend. Infinity new TAB is not just a new generation of Web site navigation, more Web App portal platform to do in the future. Win10 officially released after its latest browser Edge to support extension, on the basis of the HTML 5 WebApp will better development, this is a can’t the lack of opportunities.” Liu said.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, the project financing is in preparing.