note: you can from the following aspects to judge whether the company is worth to join: first team, and see if there are any similar habits, whether in character can be mutual tolerance and encouragement; The second is the project, be enthusiastic; Then there are leaders to see if he have fortitude character and focused, he should open up to you not hide; Finally the money, be sure to make project funding.

if you don’t trust this company, so don’t waste time in the company.

before you join a start-up companies, must put himself as a vc to consider the problem. You want to make sure your return on investment can have. There may be several kinds of forms: the learning valuable skills, create a good relationship network, fast career and money by stock option.

if you join the company has the potential to from small scale to large scale, and the above results are likely to occur. Their time on you, your limited resources investment to the company before, you have to ask yourself these questions.

if you trust the CEO?

some characteristics of the company is closely related to the company’s CEO. If you don’t trust a CEO, then why are you still working for the company?

do you may do some more Twitter survey. If he has more than 15000 followers, you can assume people attaches great importance to his thoughts and ideas. To listen to some of his conversation, if he is personally involved in? His views are targeted? He looks like a flatterer or a bad boss?

another, trust your intuition. If he has some qualities you admire, that is a fortune for company, but if he will look is dragging, you still find another job!

the power of the team have how old?

confirmation from outside, this is one of the biggest characteristics. But, try it!

search Google to get to know every senior executive. Your goal is to become the world’s best marketers? You should have in your management team to create marketing team experience.

if you want to create a strong network of relationship? If someone in the management team to YCombinator or other start-ups have connections, then you should pay more attention to him. You have to be able to go beyond those senior people. If they can’t recruit high quality talents, the company from collapse is not far away. Look at the company’s profile page and then with the team members to carry on the brief telephone communication.

if you don’t have any deep impression, you can look at again from the following aspects.

has a monopoly is that possible?

if the company’s business is irreplaceable by other companies can not provide or, it could grow into a monopoly.

if it is a food delivery App, exercise App or a photo sharing service, the company may not give the job you want.

you will use the company’s products?

if you don’t trust the company’s products, you also don’t work for it.

if you don’t like it, then how others outside the company will also be like? Waste products of the company to rapid development opportunity is very slim. But if the people in the company is willing to work 70 hours a week, then the chances of success. If you don’t even care about their products, and who CARES?

to be honest with yourself. If you don’t like the product or service, you still find another job!

what other people think?

it’s time to look at the news.

read TechCrunch about company. Also search the name of the company on Twitter. Search for Hacker News and company name to hear the startup community is how to think. Take a look at reddit others think about the company’s real.

if the wind on the network, it is a good sign. TechCrunch write an article author also feel bliss? You must be aware of these little things!

investment is a wise man ?

it’s like to recruit a good team.

if the founders can’t persuade the high quality of the investors, the company will be a lack of money and further unfortunate fail before a bigger success.

if they can persuade those big investors, that means one thing: they are rapid development.

if like-minded, that was well worth the join the start-up companies.


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