in recent years, India’s entrepreneurship development in full swing, thanks to a massive financing, the innovation of technology and the enormous growth of the domestic market.

3100 startups in 2014, according to estimates, that figure will reach 11500 by 2020. This will be a revolution, will change the current Indian market operation mode.

the following, this article will focus on the development of a few Indian start-ups and how will they become bigger and stronger. We will introduce some recent reputation first startup, and their financing situation, and then, we will discuss about the direction of future investment, and growth.

reputation recently a few Indian start-ups

the latest startup indeed many, inside there are winners. However, this article is intended to focus today says five of which. The five companies growth at a staggering rate, but also greatly influenced the pattern of the market. LBS trading website

although there are many difficulties in the development of the site nearly two years, but still is slowly but surely. Recently spent about 2 – $400 million for a property in Delhi trading company Realty, Business Intelligence (hereinafter Realty, BI). Realty, BI mainly focus on industrial property transaction status tracking and assessment of the risks of trading.

Zivame: lingerie online

Zivame CEO Richa Kar said: “India’s lingerie market development is not very good, such as what number is not complete, or buy inconvenient or something like that.” Buy a suitable lingerie in India, there are some difficulties.

AdPushup: let your web ads do better

web advertising created also has more than ten years, how to make web advertising more effective, more acceptable, it is the direction of the company. AdPushup by optimizing web advertising, played a piece of heaven and earth, and his service can increase the web page advertising revenue. In the company’s blog, describes how they raised the first sum of money, start a career.

Paytm: electronic payment

Order flow

$80 million, 15 million a month, the results shocked the financial sector in India. Now, Paytm has become the leader of India’s mobile payment, whether the Domino’s Pizza (Pizza), Zivame (lingerie online) or Uber (software), will have Paytm figure.

Redbus: online ticket reservation

more and more people to buy train tickets and plane tickets online, but why the ticket online, no sell? It is a question that has given rise to Redbus. Now, Redbus has been ibibo Group for $138 million.

company: mobile advertising

company in 2013 the company won the MIT Technology Review of the 50 fastest-growing companies. Company in the international acquisitions and rapid growth of similar to Apple, Facebook, and Google brought certain impact the industry’s giants. They all speak in data, their slogan is “want to users think”.

of course, there are many other good momentum of development of the company, after all, India is the world’s fourth largest entrepreneurial environment.

recent investment

between 2010 and 2014, India’s various financing have grow from $13 million to $181.8 million. Angel investors also rose from $4.2 million to $32.2 million, increased by 8 times. So, lately, startup financing by what? Startup and how to through the funds for development? Let’s take a look.

Chaayos: tea and tea drinks

Chaayos is tea retail companies. They are now developing their own tea drinks, but also developed a special teapot, 1.5 hours to heat preservation.

in the beginning, the project has not been as technology investment, and later, the Tiger Global with the founder of Ola Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhati on the tea industry chain project investment is 5 million dollars.

with the help of the investment, the company plans to expand into Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi NCR (note: for the Indian cities) to open 50 new tea store. But also develop the app for tea take-away. Not only is the take-away, Chaayos company also focus on developing the tea drink packaging projects, partners have Amazon, Big Basket, Grofers and recently appeared Ola Cafe.

Chaayos plans to open a 60 tea store in 2015, is now development momentum, not difficult. Not just set up shop and tea take-out app, also for the company’s development of B2C. LBS trading website

last year, raising $90 million, investors for Japan’s softbank telecom Internet giant.

their products Slice View and Price Heat Maps (such as the city real-time Price comparison), looked at data and analysis, also received more investment.

is not only a real time comparison, the company also contact the search business.

Ola: car rental

Ola, the company announced in April for E round of $400 million in financing, the investor has the GIC, Falcon Edge Capital, SoftBank Group, Tiger Global, Steadview Capital and Accel Partners, a US. Ola companies directional TaxiForSure investment of $100 million.

with the vigorous development of the other taxi software, ola firms are also speed up the city covers, they plan to finished at the end of the year to 200 cities covered.

by company and bank cooperation projects, the driver can choose in the form of low-interest loans to buy cars. Ola plan within two years, 100000 drivers enjoy this treatment.

international investment into India

there are many reasons why foreign capital into India, but largely because of mobile technology innovation.

famous investment company based in New York, the Tiger Global Management (TMG) investment has strengthened our confidence, to a large number of companies began to invest in India.

to try their luck in India are a big trend, here are a few examples:

the Tiger company is one of India’s biggest investment company, investment totaling $422 million in 2014. After April, a large sum of money into it online (India), in 2014, a total of $2 billion credit line. There are other several investment companies, such as: Yuri Milner – led DST Global investment company (Russia), invested $352 million in 2014; Softbank investment of $282 million in 2014.

at the same time last year, the VCS Nexus Venture Partners for India’s biggest investors, investment quota of $73 million, the second is Kalaari Capital investment of $45 million. This year, only the first four months, venture Capital firm Sequoia Capital investment has 14, a total of $208 million.

Accel Partners investment company has a large number of Internet cases investment experience, every investment amount is about 50-50 million dollars, including BabyOye investment object, BookMyShow, Myntra, CommonFloor, Zansaar, the Probe, it

of course, some other investment company also to share, such as 500 Startups and Inventus Capital Partners.

active investment company in India

according to data released YourStory2014 years, investment firm, Helion Venture Partners, investment, the maximum number of pens Sequoia Capital, Blume Ventures, Kalaari Capital, as well as Accel Partners, the company followed suit.

as shown, TGM so far this year has invested 11, a total of $269 million. Sequoia Capital and Sequoia Capital, followed by $14 for a total of 208 million respectively, 2 sum of $107 million.

and introduction of foreign investment, their sit at $2.43 billion, new Delhi and mumbai, respectively, for $1.43 billion and $600 million to occupy the second and third place.

if we carefully analyze, will find that e-commerce accounted for the largest share of the investment of cake, the second and third, respectively, the Internet and mobile phone app.

a good momentum of development of various investment, according to a report KPMG2015 years under the guidance of correct decision, market has great development potential.