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China mobile to push their own brands mobile phone

China mobile release two mobile phone brands A1 and N1, support (and the RCS, August will launch N1 Max upgrade products, the product is 5.5 inches full hd screen, carrying eight core processor and full metal appearance. Deputy general manager of China mobile company jian-feng tang, said this year will guide the industrial chain to launch a $100 below 5 phone models.

A1 is equipped with HD screen, 5.0 support 5 points touch, battery capacity of 3000 mah, 8 gb and 1 gb of memory storage space, the rear front-facing camera is respectively 8 million and 2 million pixels, support 5 mold 11 frequency and double card double stay retail price is 699 yuan.

N1 is equipped with 5 inch HD display, qualcomm Xiao dragon quad-core processors, 16 gb of storage space and 2 gb of memory, rear front-facing camera is respectively 13 million and 5 million pixels, with skin care function, support NFC, retail price is 999 yuan.

Zhou Hongyi announced after all cool cell phone applications can be unloaded, China mobile said A1 and N1 also supports application can be unloaded, including several China mobile’s own application.

gionee released two phones are record

gionee released two new handsets, M5 mobile phone battery capacity: battery capacity up to 6020 mah; Long battery life: according to the measured, the M5 in the hands of heavy cell phone users can last two days, mild users can use four consecutive days. E8 in the mobile phone is a mobile phone product take out photos pixels of the highest, is the world’s first use of 24000000 megapixel camera phone.

well, you accidentally record again.

kunlun d nearly $ten thousand and $55 million stake in two Internet financial companies

the kunlun announced ten thousand d to LendInvest Limited investment of about 21.9997 million pounds ($34.08 million), in order to obtain LendInvest Limited capital increase after the completion of a 20.00% stake. LendInvest Limited main business is through the P2P platform to help British loan financing, commercial and residential real estate investors is one of the UK’s fastest growing P2P platform. Kunlun ten thousand d also invested in a silver from Internet financial companies in China, with $20 million in order to obtain silver from capital increase after the completion of a 20.00% stake.

also kunlun ten thousand d for fun in installment, Internet financial this action is wow.

news that e-sports peripherals maker Razer is considering acquisitions OUYA

before alibaba tens of millions of dollars to recapitalise OUYA things never to officially confirmed, recently, there are rumours that e-sports peripherals maker Razer and OUYA has entered the stage of negotiation, but when asked about the matter, a spokesman for the Razer or gives “the two companies have cooperation but declined to comment on rumors” response.

“emperor” SKY also entrepreneurship,

YouTube will push independent games live client

YouTube announced it would release called “YouTube” the independence of the client. There are two large core functionality of the product, is a video game live, another is to integrate the content of the video game category, is advantageous for the on demand. Electricity giant amazon paid $1 billion for a game live company Twitch.

this is a challenge to the rhythm of wow.

baidu is tencent denied to buy

in view of the “literature” tencent commune purchase baidu online reports, said in a statement, baidu literature “never with tencent literature, reading group contact and negotiations on investment issues, online news inaccuracies.”

ali over there?

phoenix media denied ali investment

on reports of “ali will invest phoenix media”, phoenix media, according to the announcement has not yet had an negotiations with ali. Rumors said that alibaba will invest in phoenix media, it has a 32% stake or, ali and phoenix media in book publishing, games, especially education in-depth cooperation. Currently trading is nearing an end, will be announced soon.

it is a denied message, no comment, BAT you three rounds of the come on.

car home founder li xiang outgoing President

car home, announced that the founder li may no longer worked as a car home of the President, but will continue to the home of directors, shareholders, in the company’s strategic planning, and other important matters. Had earlier reports that li xiang will leave next month, and plan on parallel imports business venture. Li xiang was denied and said just personal investment.

look, all denied rumors are sitting before the real smoke screen.

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