editor’s note: want to get rid of all kinds of certificates with pockets of COINS? Don’t think can also open the door with a key? Would you like to go shopping a relaxing trip? The future payment App all meet you!

mobile payment is becoming more and more widely used. The federal reserve found that 15% of America’s 2012 cell phone users are using mobile payment, and the proportion is rising, in 2013 to 17%, in 2014, has been as high as 22%.

that is to use the number increased by 50% in two years. However, there is still no any payment App can really replace traditional daily cash or credit card payment.

along with the increase of the users, pay the App market also is very hot; You can choose in the App store dozens of applications you want. Each bank, each operating system and retailers to develop their own App.

the only is insufficient, if you want to use mobile payment, need to download at least five different applications, because each App has its preferred partners, even the starbucks has a wave of payment.

if you don’t want to be submerged in the application of ocean, these companies will need to grasp two key words: friction and neutral.

credit card killer

the App’s main problem is: they only focus on pay part, and this part is not the most critical.

when Apple Pay launched last fall, when some authors of science and technology as credit card. The Walmart and Best Buy began to panic and launch CurrentC mobile payment platform. Android Pay is better than Apple Pay to development, you just need to put your mobile phone in retail terminal, click the “Buy with Android Pay” can be paid. (hunting cloud network note: CurrentC mobile payment platform is a developed by mainstream retailers of mobile money, they don’t support Apple Pay using non-contact NFC technology. In addition, CurrentC don’t even use a credit card, it only use directly binding bank accounts prepaid store card and debit card. Apple Pay based on the credit card payment system, CurrentC attempts to destroy the credit card.)

this sounds quite fast, but can be faster than a credit card? Take out a credit card payment only need a second or two, it is hard to surpass. Is this two seconds response time is the most critical.

Ken Chennault, American express’s CEO said: “development induction should I pay? What it can really solve the friction? What can I benefit from it? This in turn will help to what’s in my shopping trip?”

when buying a washing machine (either using a paid App or a credit card), we all need to fill out a warranty form, and then save to the mailbox, or even stored in a drawer or the shoebox.

pay App there’s no way to solve the problem of this kind of friction, and other similar payment action, they also just pay a little action in the process. So, the supplier should be various identity live, provide far more services to maintain neutrality, and these steps are closely related.

identity small pro

don’t focus only on pay, the App should take care of both parties to the whole shopping trip. We will use mobile payment, because we don’t want to so many COINS in his pocket, bills and receipts.

on the other hand, retailers and electronics companies are hoping to build better and more close relationship with the customer. They want to be able to directly with the CRM system, inventory management and accounting to consolidate payments.

integrate the interests of all, all you need is a focus on identity rather than pay the App. Today, such as lazy Dashlane and LastPass password management artifact can help you to fill out an online form and password, but still cannot be applied to the content of the network environment, and do not include pay part.

but why consumers will let the merchants for their personal information?

to find and meet the requirements of

you just need to provide your personal information, the App will provide more services for you, but not just as a paid App, such as it can within a certain range to determine your location.

even more benefits, such as parking lots, store coupons, the warranty document fee, can also be accessed through verification identification e-commerce sites (such as Netflix’s online service), your house and car.

after all, once we have established a can ensure the security of our online payment and authentication system, we will also want to it at the same time also have offline capabilities.

such an App is much than a credit card the cow! It will be your bridge between real life and online self, is take your key chain, wallet and ID of a killer.

like Swiss neutrality

now the key question becomes: “why do I have to believe that such an App?” It can access my bank account, my personal information, and it is very important in my life any offline and online system.

the consumer should not entrust all of the information unreliable, because they will sell to Google or Facebook.

although they can do it, but if it is a kind of business model based on advertising, businesses are unlikely to accept CRM integration paid App. If a customer in my shop to buy a laptop, I will in the next few weeks to see competitors electronics store ads.

so in order to get customers, based on the advertising business model is behind The Times.

the conclusion is clear: any want to become the standard ID and pay App must be neutral, neutral like Switzerland.

in the chaos of the digital world, half of us all hope that their privacy and personal data can be sold by cents, it sounds very naive. But in fact, in the near future we will achieve this desire.

VISA may also be the idea of having a neutral CARDS. Maestro is also likely to develop a neutral payment system. Neutral paid App may become the market standard in the future. (hunting cloud network note: Maestro is by MasterCard company was started in 1990 with supranational debit card services. In the European Union and other countries, the Maestro has become the main Mastercard debit card brand, close to unionpay’s status in China.)

this is driven without advertising business model. Really frictionless, neutral App should give willing to pay a monthly fee of retailers provide more value.

this is why pay App look the future of the market leaders can’t limited to the payment function. Maybe we should not call it paid App, but identity App. Identification if it can catch the key point, it will be the design of the most successful ever paid App.


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