on July 31 (word/Zhao Zixiao)

secondary yuan lovers know bi li bi li, commonly known as B stand a UGC type video platform. People can upload animation, film and video, some people don’t satisfied with this, integrating the existing material into a funny video on B site to attract a large number of users, and even cause hot spots. Recently, Jackie chan eldest brother “Duang” and the thunder of the general “you OK” is a typical example. This shows the user’s imagination is very rich. Imagination, founder and CEO Liu Xinyi said in an interview with hunting cloud network, it is to see the second yuan amateur creative potential, just had to create imaginative ideas.

platform to break the barriers

imagination is a more focused on the areas of ACGN language creation platform, integrating light blogging + team + translation tools. Users can put his creative writing comic content such as imagination platform, have certain language ability can also be translated into other languages. In addition, imagination and group functions, translation tools, word practical small tools such as embedded images.

Liu Xinyi tell hunting cloud network, imagination meet the requirements of the two groups. First, mix the secondary users create potential is very large, so long as can stimulate their points, the second in the field of yuan a works like until it is full of love, they will continue to enlarge imagination, has poured into a steady stream of inspiration, constantly. Second, China’s translation industry generally pay is low, and in various places across the imagination is to put them together, using the reward model, outstanding works can be spread to the world, break language barriers lovers at home and abroad.

behind a strong game translation

the studio behind imagination is focused on the areas of the game more than language service provider, to provide game makers 19 languages translation and localization service, with many large companies such as netease and interaction between the blue port have had cooperation. Imagination studio mainly hand swim, swim page translation, produced a large number of works. Is one of the most famous works in the mobile game of Kings (Clash of Kings), the game has been translated into ten languages to global distribution, got remarkable achievements.

what imagination is put into social and translation? We can see that the imagination can post your translation or the original content, also can put the others to upload pictures of translated into other languages. Users find good choose according to their interest in the label, together to create a group discussion. Liu Xinyi tell hunting cloud network, imagination from douban, bursts, it has net form, integrated into a platform, this is no one walking in front of the road. So imagination was founded a year constantly groping forward, version updates the four or five versions of the homepage design alone in the nine.

the imagination of the user is positioned as high school students to the age of the young white-collar class, like secondary yuan and some foreign language skills. Imagination is also to our sights overseas, support original, hope to attract more and better network literature, “grassroots” mining at home and abroad.

original development in the future

the CEO Liu Xinyi secondary yuan is severe, do game localization, studied in Germany for ten years, worked at sohu swim, wisdom star companies such as general, imagination studio was founded in July last year. Five people team a total of 12 people, technology, the rest have overseas business and internal management. Game translation team are part-time workers, a total of more than 400 people, 70% were foreigners, with translation is given priority to, the rest of the staff is given priority to with game localization testing.

there is currently no official promotion, imagination seed users about one thousand people. Future, Liu Xinyi hope to drive the imagination game business this new platform, the excellent original content with their own channels to promote out, even the popular works published.

in hunting cloud network point of view, this is really a novel blend of many types of communities, the two dimensional domain user base is very big also, from B station users see out), if appropriate, encourage users to create, such as increasing reward, the number of users will expand rapidly. Imagination is understood to have received seed round of funding.