on your new home interior decoration could be a tough job. Do you have a clear mind of the final rendering is very important. Improper planning and hesitant decision, can let you go to success. Even after careful plan, will decorate the results and your idea. Yesterday, an Indian startup, online, that can help you to solve the problem of indoor decoration.

your first choice on the Furdo decorate a style, and then submit house floor plan. It will be for you to customize a 3 d video, show according to choose style to decorate the effect after finishing. Video rendering is 360 degrees, so you can choose your favorite design elements, give up don’t like the place.

all the products involved in the video, can from Furdo merchants purchased, such as PepperFry and FabFurnish. Product after the arrival of the goods, Furdo sends its own interior designer team, decorate effect in reducing video to help you.

I see, I buy, I pack

Furdo based in bangalore, founder and director of design Kiran Singh, originally conceived of the core ideas behind Furdo: furniture can be after sales through three-dimensional display, then persuaded Arvind Prakash Singh (COO) and Ishwar Sundararaman (CEO) as co-founder. Indus Bhavadeep Reddy, a real estate company CEO of Homes, the angel investment.

Sundararaman, graduated from bangalore, there is a market marketing strategy of the MBA degree. Since 2010, he founded several companies, including the popular mobile phone app Clubd. And Prakash Singh jointly founded in 2008, a portal for education institutions. Singh specializes in 3 d graphics technology, it is Show Media, the founder of the Works.


Furdo co-founder (from left to right) : Arvind Prakash Singh, Ishwar Sundararaman, and Kiran Singh

“the idea has experienced several changes. Finally in the drink many cups of coffee, team brainstorm the product shape, strategy and positioning. The end result is Furdo.” Sundararaman said.

in terms of team at present the size of the lowest complete feasibility of high quality products for the startup is a huge challenge. “Recruitment is also a major challenge, but when our website up and running, people began to understand our ideas and goals. Things become much easier.” Sundararaman added.

Furdo plans by charging customers for their design and installation support costs, to gain profit. At the same time, for the use of the design of the commodity in video, joint marketing fees to partners.

“design fee is 10000 Indian rupees ($157). The goods in the design: wardrobe, wall paper, furniture and interior decorations, can be in our here to buy. We charge fees from consumers, remove members after the deposit, will these orders manually on partner sites. These steps will optimize technology in the future, become more automatic. Installation support cost is 30000 Indian rupees ($471).” Sundararaman explained.

“according to the early trading results, we can confidently say, to the end of August, can design the whole about 50 families. Assume that each house decoration costs an average of 600000 rupees ($9500), as of the end of next month we registered income up to 30 million rupees ($500000).”

Furdo has $400000 in angel rounds of financing, plan in the near future in A round of funding to raise $500 to $10 million. Is expected by the end of operation will be extended to the six cities.

when it comes to product blueprint, Sundararaman said, “we have plenty of other product enhancements, not to say the timing. But virtual reality (VR) is we’re going to cross the threshold of.”

Furdo rivals in India have,, and.


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