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earlier this week, we investigated some of the major project the trend of the development of venture investment, such as electronic commerce, software, social networking and education fields. In addition, what are the little-known entrepreneurship in attracting venture capital? What is considered the founder of found those unique opportunities for innovation?

the currency is the fastest growing areas, photo sharing and physical storage (including mobile and personal storage) growth followed. From the perspective of the data of Mattermark, rise to mid – 2015, since the mid – 2012 – each year during the period of their investment growth rate is over 145%.

the rest of the list also dismissed the entrepreneurs and investors will only development support incremental innovation concept. The field of space travel to the boundary of the breakthrough finally. In addition, the entrepreneurs have to raise money to transform the basis of a large number of innovative industry: such as transportation, hotels, restaurants, lending industry, medical insurance and banking and finance industry. But photo sharing also inevitable with the momentum of development.

if we study in the past 12 months in the chart in all areas of the relative share capital raise, we can observe a lot of fields, such as COINS, physical storage, unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs) and classified ads constitute only a small part of the total amount of investment, less than 20%. Other areas, such as transportation and hotel catering, is influenced by momentum of Uber and reality of financing, in the past 12 months occupies 6% share of the billions of capital investment.

to focus on the negative growth rate of industry, the industry entrepreneurs in the dwindling number of funds raised. Semiconductor investment amount reduced 31% per year, dating field by 9% a year, the worst performing trading website to attract investment is at an annual rate of 48%. In some cases, the cause of the “gold” in these areas is obvious: group controls the market, so the space for new competitors are few and far between.

the semiconductor industry entrepreneurs are limited by equipment of foundry production equipment, and the number of workshop are numbered; On the other hand, they also compete with other existing companies, such as Intel, TSMC, the company has a large balance sheet, enough to support the cutting-edge research. E-mail and degradation in the field of dating is hard to guess some reasons.

however, in the next few years, we will continue to see in the field of financing of dramatic changes. According to historical data, due to the rapid growth in the total amount of the vc, entrepreneurs will seek future competition small field, when the employment and raise money so, differentiation lead to enterprise advantage more. In addition, investors in the future will explore the areas not fully developed, in order to rich rewards.


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