Google in the search part of the new added a function, can help people avoid long queues in the shop and restaurant.

to use this function to search the store first, then click the store name, can appear a chart, showing flow of average every hour in the day.

take Madison square garden Shake Shack (New York), one of the busiest sites, for example, around 7 PM on Wednesday afternoon, around three o ‘clock in the afternoon on Saturday and Sunday peaked around two o ‘clock.

Google’s article also wrote: “are you also tried to avoid the long queues or thinking when is go to the supermarket shopping, the best time to buy a cup of coffee or go to the gym (e.g., to avoid the rush hour on Monday)? Now you can no longer wait for, only need to use Google search can see millions of sites or the height of the merchants, for example, search “Blue Bottle Williamsburg”, then click can see the businessman busy that day.”

if you can be widely used, this function can be by encouraging customers to visit to help businesses in off-peak.


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