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in dinner, leisurely stroll in the urban district of tree-lined trail, you might catch a glimpse of a group of people, they hand shoulder, waist ku head, they have legs, they sweat profusely, they deliver than anything else, is a waste of our life, perhaps is old clothes, may be worn tool, the maybe we call their recyclers, and now, maybe they will be a scenery line of recycling about family. If regeneration, hope from recycling has become one-stop household waste treatment station.

bo-wen li, a guy after 90, if regeneration guys, not to big companies after graduation from the university of seasoning, also did not have a special liking to hot industry, but to a recycling as the first entrepreneurial project. A recycling center near his childhood home, looked at the endless stream of people can take things you don’t use money, feel good magic, never expected, his grew up and became a boy from recyclers. bo-wen li told hunting cloud network: “old change to treasure my memory is more of a scene, a not to make money, through the door and recycled into another Commodity Exchange, for social and personal value is very big, I think it right, great.”

2 years time flies, the entrepreneurship bo-wen li stumbled, from select points to choose to live close to the old, barter, and from the empty theory to analyze the user to travel in the area of research found that users demand, from 1 personal attention to the support of more than 20000 people, from booking full so unprepared to partition partial booking in good order, if the fate of the adjacent regeneration is bumpy, but did not shake his mind.

the scrap recycling bins in the village can be seen everywhere, but usually empty, empty; Neighborhood recyclers stalls, most of us don’t want to pour all its waste to them. If adjacent renewable choice is a one stop recycling service, if residents gently on the adjacent regeneration after public order reservation, choose a key order, if customer service immediately adjacent regeneration docking, confirm the door receiving time and specific items list for warehouse controller of the community, and unified if adjacent regeneration “sunset armour” staff from door, residents can choose to exchange some articles for daily use, these “sunset armour” if the last four within adjacent regeneration warehouse, after to logistics care, finally this will each rush “future”.

if if this is renewable, so is some fuss. Earlier in the ambiguity of if regeneration is struggling, bo-wen li told hunting cloud network: “we often say that the pig can fly in tuyere, little imagine, at that time we even pig all not.” So if the team started the byways of adjacent regeneration, face to face communication with residents, sending questionnaires, written analysis, ask demand, the road for a long time.

recycled old stuff? Bo-wen li wants to the old way to become a scenery line, he from abroad I: CO for the recycling of used materials found inspiration. I: CO is a Swiss company, for old textile processing there are five different ways, including to wear, reuse, recycle, use raw materials application and upgrade. if adjacent regeneration recycling old part will pass if neighbor or some folk craftsmen to deal with, may be a fine bag, perhaps is a small wallet, perhaps you will look back on them at the counter of the store a smile.

and the other part can no longer deal with old will flow to the waste treatment plant, from adjacent regeneration facing the big problem is the logistics to “setting”, and the logistics system is the transformation and upgrading. If adjacent regeneration of waste classification is we have to take the required course of environmental protection, some items are silos, made mistake cannot bring them together. Clear for everybody’s most concerned about the old, if the neighbor also has a set of cleaning and finishing procedures. Bo-wen li told hunting cloud network: “we are doing door-to-door service standardization, provide a way to have a level of service, starting from the user will be renewable interpretation, whether for social or personal, I don’t want to value is very small.”

last weekend’s storm water with Shanghai, li said he was against the three days of heavy rain in the neighbourhood, and when the body has too much for cloud network communication, hunting with cold. Had a 80 – year – old old man pushing a bike will be sent to the area doorway, he is very support him to do, he said he wanted to do this simple thing well, has no immediate plans for financing.

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