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as the founder of little grace favorite anime in Love live nine girls on the road of idol into the process of continuously, idol plan the product is also addresses the model of formed “idol”. Idol plan USES the C2C Internet star model, one end is a trainee, at one end is fan, through continuous course advanced and fan interaction, finally by the users to develop beloved idol.

trainee audition open to all registered users, the basic application condition is 95 or after 00, appearance of high level and willing to fight to be the idol of girl and little meat. Idol plan the growth of C2C system made up of course advanced and fan interaction between two plates: the icon project team will take training courses on the platform, trainee according to task shooting video and upload, fans voting and scoring and affects whether it can qualify, interactive course advanced similar games, finished good this lesson can unlock a higher level of the next lesson. Video in addition to the course, trainee also needs from time to time issued by state to sustain the activity, the fans through the reviews, some praise and feed to support their favorite idol, these interactions are counted in the trainee in growth.

more than online, idol project team will be in the offline content added, according to the small happy before, they will be in the offline build circuit classroom, invited to Japan and South Korea guests mentor and the trainee participate in offline courses, video recording the scene teaching reality and editing; In addition, they will also build offline center, as a trainee off-line training and on-line mini Live site.

dimension reduction to traditional star model?

the traditional entertainment industry elected stars and content schema, though often in the glorious banner of hold “grassroots”, but actually can break audition young people less, the rest of a large number of powerful of young people have a dream for a variety of factors. The B2C mode of traditional star, determines the brokerage firm absolute dominance in the entertainment industry star.

“traditional brokerage firms push new and programs is a gamble, hit the money didn’t fire up might not below. So we want to, can you do a C2C mode, on the one hand, all people have the opportunity, especially the 10-year form: they continue to exercise and show their talent and potential, and then let the user to determine their level. With resources and show platform, select the real stars of the future.” Idol planning team convective cloud network said, they make every young people have the opportunity to, then can be persistent show on idol program platform.

the characteristics of C2C is the idol plan directly associate users and trainee idols, “fan like who will support, the support clear visible, don’t worry about the official according to the rules and operating behind the scenes. Trainee the harder, the more harvest, and is all income.” Little grace explains.

grinding 10-year faces, produce more high-quality idol plan

I plan first screening is “10-year”, refers to a piece of white paper, because the standard is not unified, different levels of performance, the premium content output will be the idol platform development and grandness of the key factors. Such as the idol to develop in the process of photos, record video, and so on, the team had to spend big strength to guide and training. Idol is planning team now has 16 people, mainly members from Shanghai jiaotong university, the core team has run level of millions of users of secondary yuan community founder, has endured a bank high concurrency backend systems development technology talent, there is also a senior director and film and television media.

business model, little grace told hunting cloud network, they will be taken from the content, flow rate, and based on the content of the flow cash value “+ artists on mining. According to understand, idol program just completed 10 million yuan angel rounds of financing, will officially start in September, A round of funding.

cloud network think hunting, the traditional brokerage model, star idol plans to C2C star pattern to move this stone is not easy, not only to create new content to follow up the taste of the fans, but also to the diversity of the icon image and so on questions. Idol plan will evolve in the future, we shall see.

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