British Columbia, Canada, surrey is one of the first use of Watson system to provide better services for residents of city.

a similar Siri, order to urban services App launch, it is mainly used for IBM Watson cognitive computing platform.

IBM said the rolled in surrey this new App, change and simplify the Watson sophisticated computer languages and data analysis system, can conveniently query some residents such as junk why not in Australia or the answer to the problem such as how to find the lost cat.

Watson system in 2011 as one of the most popular in the quiz show Jeopardy is famous victory over two human players. After that, the IBM Watson system to health care, banking, retail and education, and many other fields. Watson can understand natural language to ask and analyzing a large amount of data, which is the basis of the system set up. Recently, Watson, and launched a exploration of the author’s tone in the works of tools.

Surrey and developers Purple Forge cooperation to create the new city service App, it will and Surrey existing “My Surrey” mobile client and Internet at the connection. IBM said local residents through smart phones, laptops, and even Apple devices to consulting all kinds of problems such as Watch, also said this is the first time Watson were used in residents service program.

in this App has listed a series of common problems, but also support and solve the question by the local residents. Surrey officials also hope to be able to get a better response through this system or local residents of all kinds of questions. Now the city of surrey police department, fire department, animal management centre, parking enforcement, recycling centers and other departments have already in the system, the residents can put to them at any time.


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