(text/Liu Sijing)

high house prices, the tenant only grow, the landlord of the spring, and a rent management system allow the landlord to trust of waiting for the autumn harvest.

“I want to rent a house” is a focus on the landlord’s free rent management platform. In February last year closed, officially put into operation in March of this year. PC, and the public by the App launched one after another. “I want to rent” founder Hu Yong said that at present the PC users the most, but the App end users the highest growth rates.

“I want to rent a house” can achieve the following basic functions:

: housing management, information management system of housing rental status clear, and support the rapid release of rental information, reduce the vacancy rate.

the contract management of business place: lease contract unified electronic management, solve the problems of the traditional paper contract is easily lost.

registration tenant: data entry platform, maintain the tenant files, and mobile computers synchronization. Tenants can also be online registration, can inquire JiaoZu information after login.

hydropower transcribing: offline copy room water electric meter readings and print the rent every month, to support mobile phones, tablet operation.

produce statistics: statistics on a monthly or yearly rental income, grasp the rent business conditions.

Hu Yong admitted that in the early online to remove some word-of-mouth promotion, team for the product for a period of baidu promotion. In the future, the team plans to seek more effective in terms of promotion such as App promotion company, to push.

these days, most of the landlord still using traditional way of lease, habits are difficult to change leads to lower product acceptance. And products in use will produce system instability problems, operational inconvenience to users. For these two issues, said Hu Yong products in constant iteration, the system has also been gradually stable stage, improve system performance, reduce the broadband transmission, running speed of the system is the direction of the product has been working hard.

“I want to rent” user specific divided into basic user (user) free and paid users, users need to pay to use advanced features. “I want to rent” provided by the advanced features include system training (door-to-door service), SMS notification, template customization, qr code stick custom, form a complete set of hardware support, multiple branches user functionality, personalized customization (brand customization, customization), etc. At present, “I want to rent a house” through advanced features, value-added business to earn profits, the future will plan on the basis of original increased advertising, intelligent and selling hardware and system supporting material to make a profit.

competing goods aspects, is a focus on the enterprise in the field of rent, location to rent apartment service platform, the platform + SaaS system combination of solve pain points for “professional” landlord demand, and get through online for the tenant to provide a community life service, was completed in September 14, 4 million angel financing. Hu Yong said appreciate nine pig web interface design and its own comprehensive nature of the data. “Compared with competing products, first of all, our user community is with cheap housing landlord groups, different products use groups, second, we want to keep the simplicity and ease of use in the system, let the user when use won’t feel cumbersome.”

the next phase, “I want to rent a house” plan through such as WeChat, alipay, each big bank’s online payment interface. And in the aspect of intelligent hardware, the team plans to develop a “smart water meters, the landlord never leave home can read the data on the tenant water meter remote and automatic generation of monthly rent.

founder Hu Yong have 5 years experience in SaaS system and 3 years working experience in financial field. Now the team a total of five people, including technical personnel 3. Teams are also further expanded.

hunting cloud network understand, “I want to rent a house” angel rounds of financing program has been in the pipeline.