(text/Ma Fengyi)

in general, a good Internet product must satisfy three conditions: first, pain points, high frequency. Digital product maintenance, however, as a user of “weak demand”, seems to be insufficient rigidity, but the pain is dye-in-the-wood. Maintenance of the high cost of maintenance process, long time, the problem such as opaque makes bad user experience, and this has prompted a large number of “Internet thinking” entrepreneurial teams into the field, become “Internet + repair industry” the rise of the important reasons.

a cloud network hunting attention to a product called “friend” I machine, in simple terms, I machine company is a O2O mode the whole category of digital product maintenance services.

I friends machine (PC +) micro letter online, on May 15, officially started to push at the beginning of July after a week of promotion (as of July 10, promotion way including free press and free computer grey), web sites and micro letter activity increased to more than 8000 and 1000, respectively.

I friends machine service process is roughly divided into six parts: select fault, booking, inspection, confirm, maintenance, take payment scheme. In the service process, in “inspection” link increased mobile service, using pieces of user time, saves the user time cost, improve the efficiency of detection and maintenance; “Scheme confirm” link, is the core of the whole process of service, to provide product testing, rapid transparent maintenance plan formulation, the decomposition process of maintenance, displays details of maintenance, and give quotation, users agree that the implementation of maintenance, warranty time double; The user does not agree, is stop service, and the above services are free.

on the repair quotation, maintenance can be divided into three levels, respectively, as the primary, secondary and tertiary maintenance maintenance, price of 29 yuan respectively, 69 yuan and 119 yuan (not including the cost of raw materials). The profit pattern of currently limited to electronic product maintenance. Founder Zhou Nangang tell hunting cloud network, “the future soon, we will expand the ductility of the project, will the service sector to expand to the ‘beauty’ and ‘technical support, technical support module, will provide services to upgrade the electronic products, for example, an ordinary computer to super this upgrade services.”

in addition, cloud network hunting also learned that I digital machine friends regularly carry out community public welfare activities, free for the elderly for digital knowledge lecture hall, etc.

similar competing goods, the main mobile phone repair, price is in 99 yuan to 699 yuan, use send repair maintenance way; Hello advocate is apple mobile phone and computer maintenance, price is in 100 yuan to 2000 yuan, use send repair maintenance way; Friends I machine maintenance service is more comprehensive, cell phones, computers, cameras and other electronic digital products all can repair, in terms of price, according to the maintenance complexity is divided into three levels, and 29 yuan to 119 yuan (does not include the cost of raw materials), using send maintenance, repairing, and the door trim.


in the future, I will not only confined to the positioning of the O2O service providers, will follow Uber crowdsourcing model, the “craftsmen” together, use the “craftsmen” fragments of time to provide users with nearby and efficient service. Friends at the same time, hunting cloud network learned that machine I have intention to cooperate with more and more digital products distributor, become each big sellers of exclusive factory maintenance. Chengdu as the first pilot city, once the service and management have a certain size, will be copied and expand to other cities.

founder and CEO Zhou Nangang, serial entrepreneur, graduated from sichuan university computer science department in 2004, had Ren Guoteng electronic east China regional manager, director of civilian goods market; Partner YuTao, current machine friend CTO, I graduated from Oxford University, a master’s degree in computer science, has many years of software development, e-commerce, website construction, search engine and game development experience, the team a total of 21 people, including technical team 11 people, operations team 10 people.

the author thinks that, as a maintenance of electronic products, low frequency, weak industry, the permeability of the market is particularly important. Zhou Nangang also said: “the user so long as has the maintenance requirements, can think I machine for friends, we made it.” This sense does not only depend on a lot of pushing to brush, at the same time the quality of service to keep up with the rhythm, to shape the brand, word-of-mouth way to form a positive cycle of branding.

it is known that online friends I machine r&d self-raised funds of millions of yuan, is expected to start in September angel round, used for information system construction, and other cities.