the hunter is a Chinese wine guide vertical platform, at the same time for wine lovers and consumers to provide comprehensive wine knowledge, professional wine tasting. Currently focused on the third party platform and offline store buy drinks. When get a certain reputation and recognition, will consider to do a online wine straight mining service column or premium brand wine low flash sales columns.

website in May this year. The current team besides site structure and contents of each section, to spend more time on the terminal market investigation. In addition to the regular, color division, national grape category differentiate, brewing methods, divided into wine made hunter differentiate constellation, personality, social class, s. This way helps to attract more young consumers.

the present situation of the domestic wine industry is “two high” : “projects” refers to the industry concentration degree is high, high barriers to entry, “one” refers to the formation of industry leading brand (changyu, Great Wall). Positive aspects in policy, on July 6, 2012, national ministry released wine industry “twelfth five-year” development planning, planning, will no doubt to the development of wine industry in our country play a leading role, and promote provides strategic basis for industry development. Meanwhile the cleanup of “three fairs” consumption accelerated the industry “shuffle effect”. The current market is pain points in the imported wine disorderly price, nominal price.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, there are three main reasons for low strength of imported wine consumption: first, the subjective consciousness of feeling the inevitable expensive imports. Traditional agent does in the physical stores will be the price of imported wine label high, caused the domestic consumer misunderstanding; Second, no correct understanding on imported wine. Even if the price of imported wine online 29, 49, 69, 19 yuan a bottle, even consumers will only be considered that fakes and blending liquor, inferior wine; Thirdly, used to domestic wine, and don’t want to go to choose imported wine. In order to solve the above three questions, wine hunters will net through the column to help you know the price range of wines.

wine in fact not so tall, long mind-set, especially the imported wine wine should be in the consumer’s impression is expensive. It is understood that the Chilean wine customs declaration price is the lowest, only 1 euro, New Zealand, Australia, countries such as Portugal niche brand after the unit price is only around 10.

on the market at present have: vertical electrical contractor of wine + electricity model of physical stores has also buy wine; Focus on liquor winebibber network, the wine in the network; A net Letv holding wine; Cofco I buy nets, etc.

when asked why not do vertical guide electricity and use patterns, wine hunter net COO Liu Ke to hunt cloud network said: don’t do vertical electrical contractor, it is because the don’t like, the nominal price of imported wine disorderly price phenomenon, so what do you want to be a platform to help establish a consumer to correctly identify the red wine, guide them to make the right choice, collocation and tasting wine.

“buy wine in finish see X, X remit all choose the same model (while tasting, guide edge home wine), we suddenly realize that by doing so, still be a mistake, as long as the guide you recommend a wine is your own platform to sell wine, consumers don’t think you really is fair, it is difficult for consumers to accept your service reputation for everyone.” Liu Ke said.

team, CEO, o xu WSET senior taster, has many years of experience in wine industry, mainly for wine hunter, professional direction and the market resource control; Liu Ke responsible for market operation, there are 7 years experience in Internet industry, in wine the hunter this project, mainly be responsible for the overall operation of the project, including product design, market operation cooperation, content, etc. New media operations, jian-feng zhang, head of the responsible for micro letter, microblogging and market promotion. Another friend is basically a part-time editor, taster.

financing, wine hunter’s plans to introduce an equity investor (institution), to the ascension of platform system basis and brand promotion. At present with two intention to investors and an intention to negotiate investment institutions.