hubby football is a focus on football industry vertical new media, the direction of the content mainly covers the football the industry ecosystem, including juvenile football, coach, diet, rehabilitation, science and technology, business, etc.

founding team are all football fans. Founder Pan Chun, Hong Kong Baptist university master of IT management, worked as an author, at 36 kr stand after culture as a product manager, founded in 2014, leaving the shire sports (hubby football). Engineer gestured, buaa, management science, worked in Chinese academy of sciences system as a research assistant, during the Beijing university master of zhongyou hardware engineer. Engineer Cui Rui, master of the university of Illinois institute of technology, information technology management, having worked for MOTOROLA and sears IT back-end development department. Designers take great, original shire sports design director, in charge of online product UI design and offline business as a whole. Product operation Zhang Cong, Japan Hokkaido university master of Japanese history. Football tactics board author, a former netease sports column as Arsenal fans weibo circle of KOL (key opinion leaders), and is rich in content and operating experience.

this year on March 16, officially issued by the general office of the state council of the reform and development of Chinese football overall plan of the football industry policy dividends. Provinces and cities developed specific policy, construction of football field, prosperous campus football, football development of society, to promote the development of youth football and amateur football has very big effect. China does not lack of fans, the fans culture is also very strong. With the development of football industry, the demand for professionals will increase. But the industry information flows slowly, information asymmetry, lack of proper communication platform.

hubby football will play their core audience positioning in regular football fans (2000 ~ 30 million) and football industry practitioners. Compared to the large “fans” group, this is actually a relatively small group. Based on the Content as a Service (CaaS) mode, hubby reference football industry development mature national football training, rehabilitation, diet and a series of mechanism, through website, set up correct concept of fans. At the same time, the introduction of foreign related resources (practitioners and international summits, etc.), offline events, let more domestic audience understand learning foreign soccer development present situation, also provide a communication platform for them. Media industry is the ceiling, the forming way of revenue is the advertising revenue. As a vertical media in the field of development is relatively weak, Pan Chun think can use early popularity through content industry mode and user cognition, late in-depth pattern in the direction of Internet products and services. The 36 kr borrowed from 3 years ago in the field of venture capital development.

when asked will carry out recently very fire fight about booking business, Pan Chun told hunting cloud network: “football + Internet play method is not limited to about war, booking, a team. Play this method looks like it should be, but in practice depends greatly on the construction of infrastructure.” At the same time, in order to avoid the heavy business, hubby will not carry out youth offline courses at present.

in addition to the content of operation, hubby football also did an interesting attempt: has opened up a section in the APP do vertical of the football industry recruitment, job include coach, football media editing, translation, etc. Fans also fall within the scope of hubby football radiation, Pan Chun hope when fans find it there is a “find career interest translate into” the entrance of the surprise, this also more in line with the original intention of founding hubby football.

is the present domestic famous football media “emperor”. Just as its name, understand the ball emperor of the audience is more focused on senior fans, to “judges” is an access to information and communication platform. Also, “tiger robot soccer” the content focused on the football league matches at home and abroad information, data transfer, lace, events, etc., meet the information demand of domestic fans. hubby is trying to do the difference of the content and audience positioning, content foreign football ecosystem in mining operation mode as the breakthrough point, guide the domestic love football fellow-travellers of more in-depth understanding of football the whole ecosystem.

hunting cloud network learned that hubby football is seeking angel financing, expected value of 1 million.