science and technology and seemingly goes and beautiful, because a lot of people in the chop before hand, will want to try a makeup, but l ‘oreal, the world’s largest cosmetics company, world beauty industry leader, is convinced that the two can perfect fusion.

in the past few years, l ‘oreal has experienced a digital marketing changes, the company in 2014, 15.7% of the world’s media costs are up to digital media. And over the years, l ‘oreal e-commerce accounted for 3.5% of its turnover, period, it has introduced a series of digital innovation strategy, the first phase to promote sales growth, won fans for the brand.

“digital media company of the present operation mode change is very large, the impact on the trade is also considerable, it has changed the way we interact with the consumers. But to do such a big change, we must get the full support of company board and CEO.”

“this is an investment problem, is also the problem of talent, digital media is not too popular right now – it is a treasure, but there are a lot of gold. So said so you have to attract talent, and then keep them, make them full of hope for the future of the business, this is very important.”

l ‘oreal’s chief operating officer of digital Rochet ms is a French bulgarians, graduated from Lyon in higher normal College (Ecole Normale Superieure), Paris institute of political Sciences Po (Paris) and Bruges eurocollege (College of Europe in Bruges), is an outstanding economist. Chief digital officer, this position is set for her, she just gave l ‘oreal one project, but at the same time also and the digital marketing agency Valtech the position of vice President.

l ‘oreal’s chief operating officer of digital Lubomira Rochet

as a very good lady, she always wanted to be Europe’s civil servants, but moved to San Francisco, at the university of California, Berkeley, after she is attracted to silicon valley’s way of life.

she said in an interview: “I am a girl grew up in France in Bulgaria, have always dreamed of when I grew up to the European Commission (European appointed work, at the age of 18 I met these guys suddenly, for a crazy idea millions to raise money around in flip-flops and ran to the office to work. These works let me at once.”

Rochet lady’s career began in 2003, was in Capgemini consulting firm Capgemini (), director of corporate strategy and development. Five years later, in 2008, she joined Microsoft, Microsoft by Microsoft to foster the business plan (BizSpark), established relationships with a lot of startups, responsible for innovation ecosystem. For two years, before joining the l ‘oreal, she moved to Valtech digital consulting companies in France.

ms Rochet joined the l ‘oreal in 2014. In addition to digital as chief operating officer, responsible for the company’s digital revolution, she still executive committee members. She claimed that, in this period of time of l ‘oreal, let her really deeply realized the importance of digital marketing, for any brand.

“many companies have a chief digital officer, but these people haven’t been able to earn a place in the executive committee,” she said. “we think that to accelerate the digital revolution is a very good marketing means, all brands, all countries regions, as well as l ‘oreal of all functions, are digital, so that we can grasp the opportunities, change the rules of the game.”

after office, ms Rochet participation launched a series of wide range of digital transformation, involving the l ‘oreal 32 international brands, interdisciplinary content marketing, personalized data and electronic commerce.

l ‘oreal Paris has launched a called hyperreality cosmetics application, the application will be the iPhone or the front camera into an interactive mirror, use advanced facial mapping technology, allows the user to see his picture after lip gloss and eyeliner, this technology has only used in Hollywood and the game industry.

l ‘oreal Paris launched the Makeup of Genius application

the application was a brilliant success, and worldwide downloaded over 11 million times. Paris l ‘oreal company is to continue to launch new versions, let the hair color, hair and skin care products can also join try makeup.

at the same time, the professional makeup artist Lisa come also was appointed creative director lancome cosmetics. The lady on social media has many fans, for lancome innovation product, the process of cosmetics series, she on the photo sharing application sets to harvest 239000 fans, particularly in video web site YouTube has one million followers.

in 2014, l ‘oreal bought makeup brand company in the United States, with only digital media marketing, 15 years earlier, this brand will be listed in the UK. Through social networks and grassroots movement, but now it has become one of America’s fastest growing a cosmetics brand.

company held a called on them online colour makeup contest, the contestants need to overcome many technical challenges, submit a period of 15 seconds of video. The winner crowned “annual best UP master”, and can obtain 10000 pounds prize.

l ‘oreal group also has a lot of brands for sensitive muscle and problem skin. Such as the global leading professional sensitive muscle skin care brand VICHY (room), and the global NO. 1 sensitive muscle is choosing brand LRP (La Roche Posay), these brands are using online chat mode, guide users to their skin problems, choose the most suitable product. These brands also provide online skincare diagnosis, the user can obtain pertinent advice on their skin issues.

Rochet lady said: “we have been focused on the market demand and brand development, constantly testing, continuous innovation.”

“we are now very interested in anything related to video, like cell phone short video broadcast application Periscope, and take Twicer review application. All related to instant messaging applications, can let us express excitement. So we start from WhatsApp, a large number of trials. Then we take aim on almost all of the new social media networks. We also use brand pin, on a photo sharing application Pinterest, against the United States made a great test.”

l ‘oreal brand YSL use makeup visual effect on the Google glasses

Rochet ms to digital media as a l ‘oreal at the core of the change. She said that in the future, Makeup Genius technology will be applied to the bathroom mirror, let users can get at home every day beauty expert professional guidance advice.

sensor will also corresponding improvement, full access to the user the corresponding data, such as living habits, color, sleep, stress, activity, pollution, rizhao, coupled with these data, to provide customers with personalized professional advice. L ‘oreal is currently in cooperation with the United States at the university of Illinois, intention of research and development of flexible wearable device, the device will be used to collect and transmit data body. At the same time, l ‘oreal is still in print and biological startup Organovo cooperation, seek the possibility of 3 d printing skin, used for testing the toxicity and efficacy of the product.

Rochet lady said: “the beauty makeup has a big problem, is that sometimes it is hard to choose the suitable for their own skin care products, don’t know what kind of color, also don’t know what kind of lip color and hair color is more suitable for themselves. As an industry leader, this is our responsibility, we will provide you with these services.”

at the same time, l ‘oreal also analyze the data, discern beauty makeup trends in advance. Ms Rochet cited the example of dyeing hair, before the word really become a popular trend, Google trends (Google a search products of the company) is the entry.

we see the Numbers increase, so we think they are called developed a Preference Les Ombres products, in just the first two years, achieved sales of 50 million.

but, ms Rochet admits, beauty makeup is a science, but also an art. Digital beauty makeup is not a substitute for everything, from friends, beauty expert, skin doctors and stylist people’s opinion, it is equally important.

Rochet lady also said: “the most irreplaceable is digital media, it is beautiful makeup fans net together, gives everyone the opportunity to communicate. Hair figure, you see it will take a lot of beauty makeup photos, sent to them, it is a two-way street. So for me, online is not antagonistic, but united.”


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