so called Internet of things, in my opinion this is the serious nonsense before. But recently, a Density of small hardware startups through their efforts began to really let me believe that the Internet of things really can have.

Density is doing is originally the doors of small passenger flow counter moved to the Internet. As long as the Density of the small boxes loaded on the frame, they can make the store how many people are there in the real-time data, and the store every day how much traffic data.

think of it, by the little box and a data interface, we can know whether the administration of motor vehicle window lined up or your favorite coffee shop is very crowded. That’s great, isn’t it? But don’t have to run a trip to the distance to wait in line for a long time. How many people are there in the shop that is a problem that is difficult to predict, but Density easily through the network to solve this problem, but also avoided ably to privacy issues.

but in two years ago, at the beginning of the company’s vision is completely different scene: originally the company intends to by tracking the iPhone on the MAC address of a site’s traffic to see statistics. But soon the tally was killed in the cradle – apple apple announced in order to prevent the mobile application to track the user’s whereabouts, iOS 8 on the MAC address will be hidden.

this leads to a Density had to rethink their plans. A new scheme to target to the hardware devices. Though there have been a variety of alternative devices, but most of them were involved in privacy infringement problems, such as the use of cameras or other direct interception of personal information tracking mechanism, and so on. Therefore, the Density without using these off-the-shelf components. Instead, they redesigned a tracking device, according to their own, this device “accuracy reached 90%, and it can real-time traffic data to the businessman.

in fact, the principle of the device is very simple, is to use two infrared distance sensor and peak voltage to determine whether someone in and out of the door. Real-time data can be uploaded to the Yelp (the largest review websites) or to share mobile website Foursquare geographical position. So that potential customers will know in advance if want to go to the local people have a lot of. The

Density of hardware small box is free, but access to its data interface need to pay $25 a month for each location. However, this is not the final pricing schemes.

the company’s co-founder Andrew Farah in an interview that our ultimate goal is to get the Density “throughout the city”, and then gives the researchers paid data.

Farah believes that Density does not involve any privacy, because it is only in a few number, not like other hardware track people. For Density record data, it can give researchers study People’s Daily behavior trend of the data information. Researchers can through these data to know the most prosperous market place, and no longer need to waste other equipment cost.

Density current is also planning to cooperate with location-based services applications, provide users with a hot location information, such as the evening was hilarious night club and so on. At present, the Density with Blue Bottle coffee shop cooperation plan. Is expected by the end of the summer, the Density will be completed in Portland, Austin, and New York City pilot deployment.

today is the day when Density the official launch. But want to purchase this product directly from the company are unlikely. Density, however, will be selling through “of the existing network”, such as location directory and point of sale system, so the company doesn’t need to form their own sales team.

in the near future, when I walked into the gym, or other place, I can no longer line up. For many years, wish to reality!


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