furniture start-up in case of more than $336 million in total financing be cries for sale, shows its “curator” business model didn’t work, but it completely and it contrast to From the sofa to the bike, and designers are direct cooperation, rather than the United States Made simply gradually develop important markets in Europe. Today confirmed the financing the development of more than $60 million Fund, to accelerate the expansion of its business in Europe, the financing by the Partech Growth Fund, a collar, Fidelity Growth Partners and company Level original investor Equity support. business has been in the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, estimates are that more than one hundred billion pounds total market, it is worth mentioning that in Germany, it also is the place where overall decline do very well.

Made cooperation with about 50 designers, manufacturers and all over the world together, thus to provide consumers with up to 70% below the market price of the product, create the flexibility to adapt to changes in a variety of “fast fashion” business model.

Ning Li for the first time to produce the idea of constructing Made is in Paris to decorate his apartment, he wanted to buy things cheap furniture at the same time, has the design feeling of beauty, so with Brent Hoberman, Julien Callede and Chloe Macintosh (the left in June) work together to create. The founder of still maintains a majority stake, Ning in April 2010 in Britain officially released the Made.

the company appointed in its Plc (hunting cloud network note: British clothing retail group) and John Lewis Partnership worked for sales master Susanne Given, for the independent directors of the board of directors. turnover increased by 63% last year, up to 43 million pounds, its international sales accounted for 30% of total turnover, Li said in the “near future” a proportion, could be as high as 50%.