(text/Qiao Zefang)

balloon is initially launched in April 2014, received millions of level of angel financing, also has hundreds of upturned users, data is not very big, but in outbound tourism market segment is still a minor celebrity. Xiao-he only expenses furore fame, however, as the Internet wave swept, innovation in the everybody, everybody with the era of the Internet seems to be some lack of power, data also gradually show “balloon” fly higher may require the larger the fact of the fire, so the transformation of overwhelming, surge.

the first hot air balloon actually born in the CEO xian-feng zhang with a few friends hobbies, the friendship of the ustc classmates did not abate after work, the occasional chat about ideal instead let this group of young people closer together. When the balloon is actually doing the outbound tourism Vipshop and get the optimal model, to single and booking as the breakthrough point, integration of special exit routes, to attract users, cut into the outbound tourism market. But money or persistent low mode may continue, but is not a long-term solution. Traditional channels tourists on characteristic quality awareness, acceptance is not enough, the outbound tourism tour, itinerary planning red tape is a difficulty and pain points of the user. Start from this point, so the balloon in 75 and 80 after the family after small units is given priority to, to meet the pursuit of personalized service, high quality life open mode of talent.

the new balloon from two angles of outside to cut the cake, first remove the intermediate links, create talent characteristic line products. Will form the packaging lines, from diving to drive even island swims, aimed at depth to spin the destination; Second, talent is also a kind of product, hot air balloon help him to marketing, brand, form play coffee effect, depth so as to attract more tourists. In travel services at the same time, the fact will help users prepared to travel the; Talent in line with service, customer service also real-time online, solve problems; After the line review, user feedback can be performed. In travel is the most important thing in hot air balloon be online, offline multi-channel interaction, the use of interest together people, a group of viscosity, improve community resources as well as the stability of long-term users.

the composition of talent is usually a local tour guide and the overseas Chinese, can come after a screening platform, provides different characteristics of travel mode, integrating their spare time, self-interest and altruism. And can get along with talent before the trip, eliminate the strangeness. It a big change, of course, in addition to playing cafe, hot air balloon sale channel also remained, although is no longer the main direction, but the initial choice to do it, special machine wine also can attract users to enter to a certain extent.

balloon now with more than 400 distributors around the country and the overseas numerous to access the cooperation, have a good relationship with regards to hotel, air tickets, visa handle can also be contracted, such as southeast Asia across the region also has carried on the deep on the basis of the original, also will develop more recent destination characteristic products, hope that can expand the number of destination’s got talent and merchants at the end of the year to 300, to get more into the local talent and server platform, to provide diversified services to play destination market, get rid of the mediation, and groped in the direction of the future better identified in the balloon. The current Shared economic tide is in full swing, can go to what kind of altitude, might as well let’s wait and see.