(text/Yang Sihui)

women demand differentiation has inspired a mobile application degree of market segmentation is on the rise, the current most popular female APP, is a development in the field of segmentation. Like the female menstrual period application a great, beautiful pomelo; Shoppers application beauty said, mushroom street; Social circle of girlfriends; Nail application beaver family; Hair, bobo web applications. Hunting cloud network to introduce today is that the beauty of the application contains a multiple segmentation tools – “beauty”.

the honey is a series of female vertical subdivision matrix the floorboard of the application, is a female beautiful learning tools. According to the different needs of women’s beauty, beauty honey has launched several variable taken application: “daily salon”, “a daily beauty makeup”, “the daily a nail”, “the daily a thin”, “daily a beautiful bosom”, “the daily a leg”, “the daily a beautiful skin” and so on. Each app is only for a certain demand, the day-to-day work, convenient women to download you need plates.

as early as September 2013, the honey product series version 1.0 online, begun to take shape in 2014, attracted a group of female users. In may this year, each 2.0 upgrade version of the iOS, Android applications are online. From the original version online to now, the United States honey series downloaded application has more than 5 million people, after the new online, always live 400000 +, users share comments more than 20000 visitors a day.

in the new version, the honey to users and ordinary users, users into “hairdressing”, for example, audit through the talent of users more than 150 people, nearly 120000 registered users. Through beauty honey, ordinary users can examine’s application in each segment of professional courses, can also upload more pictures, share their beauty from history. At the same time, ordinary users can with talent in the group chat circle, user interaction. In addition, each application has a “aigo” version, the background can be recommended to the user some cheap women every day.

in the future, still is beautiful beautiful honey series application learning tool as the breakthrough point, to strengthen the social sharing function, as well as increase the tool attribute to strengthen the user viscosity in order to enhance the user purchases. Development set the application at the same time, the team is “honey”, apply more child integration in together, is expected to be launched by the end of this month.

similar competing goods such as “beauty” as the representative of the whole application, coverage is the advantage of their lot, content is very rich, but users search and filtering content information is not accurate complicated issues. In addition, such as “nail help”, such as “matcha beauty makeup” niche applications, but most of the positioning for “female guide consumption”. And series products are with the segmentation point of users, as “female soft beauty tool”.

team, the team honey now a total of eight people, including four technicians, 1 designer, 2 editor and one operation. Team derived from cetv, shenzhen satellite TV and other well-known enterprise executives, has rich fashionistas, beautiful training institutions and even the star resources.

when it comes to profit model, the founder of the honey Zhang Binglong believes that the business model is multi-channel honey can be expected. At present, the team has opened a virtual value-added model to explore women’s beauty from the user demand. For example, the user can through sharing, donations, to do the task to earn virtual currency, a number of gold convertibility gifts, or buy goods when the arrival of the relevant discount. “From this point of view, we can also start with electricity, development of shopping mall and let’s be wechat business users in application, or implanted in the mobile advertising industry merchants and beauty products. In addition, the talent show skill and online tutorials, still can promote offline users to store experience… These all have imagination space.” Zhang Binglong said.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, beautiful sweet angel round has officially started.