Hometeam is a start-up companies in New York, designed for the elderly home care services, launched in stealth version was finally published after two years. From Lux Capital, IA Ventures and Recruit Strategic Partners, about $11 million, Hometeam in 2013 by worked at Bain, Josh Bruno was created. From then on, the company has hundreds of thousands of families in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania found a place for more than 250 in nursing.

Bruno said: “take good care of the elderly is a big problem facing our country at present, there are about 55 million adults in the care of their parents, with 2.3 million professional caregivers.” Bruno also said 92% of adults in the survey show than nursing home are more willing to stay in his home, but in many cases, family members do not have the ability to take good care of the elderly, care so hiring a family is the only option. “The national organization providing home care about 4 m can let you find caretakers, but once away from home, can’t see what actually happened.”

Hometeam equipped with a device for each family, through the above a App allows caregivers use of text messages, photos and update medical situation to communicate with family members, let them know your care. Hometeam also hired a nurse team, regularly check the patient’s physical condition, to ensure that they are correct nursing.

likewise, in the elderly care using high-tech enterprise are not uncommon. Honor, founded by former Google member Seth Sternberg’s home care start-up, in a few months ago for $20 million in financing, and is similar to the Hometeam. Bruno said they would hire Hometeam’s special is the industry’s top caregivers, and to provide advanced customization level of care. Hometeam care staff were asked to find the patient’s favorite activities and within budget to help them reach, when a person’s ability is limited, complete the activity will have considerable difficulty. Bruno said: “a lot of old people like in the garden activities, then we will put in the window a few potted flower. If the elderly movable ability is stronger, we will be ready to play, go to the park to the botanical garden for a walk or do some gardening.” Hometeam plan in the next years building 15 new offices in nine states, two of which are located in California.


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