Recreational activities, such as

and eighties disco dancing can bring people’s satisfaction, and now each big music festival of diving, POGO, as well as daily outdoor electronic party pursues perfection a group of fresh goods will feel quite boring. Big entertainment play the founder and CEO of Huang Zhuoqin said: “the interactive content more and more important, so this is the place where we want to dig.”

love playing talent know what people want to play, since they Huang Zhuoqin university in fujian pure dance door jump street dance, street dance team 02 to 08 had all sorts of places across the country, for a advertising company accumulated over the years all kinds of resources of the industry. 09 created for pop culture, to the present team with six years of experience to build big entertainment play project.

Huang Zhuoqin said: “or do the uniqueness is interesting, in the era of homogeneity is so serious, both style and form, all hope to be able to come out of my way. Let’s activities can be as the default ‘big entertainment play’ ‘label is handsome one thing.”

as to what to do, the path of the large entertainment play a little twists and turns, Huang Zhuoqin founded in February this year is to subscribe to, want to create an attitude of the media entertainment, main entertainment gossip. Do so more than two months he felt that if the “representative” to predict the future of this matter, also has the very big disparity seems to be. So Huang Zhuoqin said: “no, we still can do something more fun.”

big entertainment number service established, APP plans to launch at the end of the year. players to participate in the raise, through the introduction of advertising service feedback to obtain income. Huang Zhuoqin said: “strawberry and confuses the flute music festival, which namely the brand and the content of the output. These are all can copy.” Big entertainment play want to build an entertainment chain, later became a social players entertainment.

big entertainment play will launch “zombie” Halloween this year, the main content is available in a variety of forms online, offline promotion. Idea generation, the project issued, the players all the raise, the activity will be the introduction of sponsors. If you have any profitable activities, will feedback to the players in the form of share dividends, if there is no profit, the player will also get sponsors gifts. Big entertainment play for the raise of concept on entertainment platform is put forward, on the one hand is divided into direct interests to attract players, on the other hand also want to give players more ‘mainly engaged in, as the core, they still hope to be able to dig out more creative point.

mentioned with the launch of the difference between on douban platform, Huang Zhuoqin said, “although we do the same, but the logic is not the same. Douban more chain is based on interest, but interest just we attract people of a module.”

big entertainment play will be launched as early as next year’s annual CBC street dance championship in China. In xiamen to form a pattern, the first expansion of the replication of adjust measures to local conditions around the ground again. Subsequent urban expansion, will first consider Shanghai, guangzhou, chengdu.