(text/Wang Dongguo)

according to the statistics, the current domestic golf about LiangSanBaiWan crowd. More and more people begin to understand come into contact with the past will be as elegant and expensive exercise. So, anyone want to by a product, closer to the public and the distance of golf.

high vertical social App is a golf, in addition to the social attribute, both golf motion video analysis capabilities. Swing to make use of mobile phone users ultra-fast capture, frame by frame action, and freely change the playback speed, label field place, learning free ball video sharing, golf swing is a creative sharing community.

high shoot target population is golf enthusiasts, especially golf beginners. With motion capture, contrast improvement, analysis and online learning guidance services. App1.0 version was launched in June iOS, Android platform, thirty thousand monthly active people.

high He Yan founder is a master of computer to stay in the United States and served as the United States? Flow media site Project Leader, is also a huge fan of golf. Taken He Yan tell hunting cloud network, set up high because before this, not a really good level of civil action analysis tool. And a golfer will blithely repeated his action video hundreds of times and find the details for the can be improved. Golf is born to social movement, the ball friend of willingness to share strong communication between any other sport is unparalleled.

high App interaction design is one bright spot. Article He Yan said, on the interface design, cache and playback speed selection green into the hole, and small animal elements, users open the application, can through the visual perception of golf and natural, and self a concept of the communication.

with the advent of the era of Internet +, the intelligence of fitness sports products have mushroomed emerged. From monitoring the physical condition of an App, or hardware equipment of all kinds of auxiliary movement, is a huge boost for sports. He Yan convective cloud network said, golf in a popular in another one or two years, younger, the universalization trend changes, high will continue to optimize the product and improve the user experience and loyalty, let users is well-established, solid foundation. Also in richer, more planning promotion way to contact with potential customers. Down to the ground the product experience, for example, hold some competitions selection, etc.

competing goods aspects to motion analysis of many products, such as move, splash, etc., this kind of product more focused on individual fitness and leisure sports, there is no strong professional guidance. Due to the difference between product attributes, high focus on golf motion analysis, for the moment or exclusive.

high racquet is just a platform, an entry, the ultimate goal is a product of golf industry and the broader point is in the sports and health more market. He Yan convective cloud network said, every year there are tens of billions of golf market, is a huge market space, there are many ways to do it. Like golf itself, DingChan, electric business, tourism, disguised ability is very strong, demand rapid development year by year, but first of all, to stand on the user’s point of view, to help users first, put profit relatively on the location.

it is reported, high finished angel round.