, a focus on high-end restaurant food distribution of entrepreneurial company (these high-end restaurants often don’t offer delivery service), recently launched a series of actions. In two months ago, the company did not announce in addition to the existing 18 British towns, have to expand to Paris, Berlin, and Dublin. Today, Deliveroo revealed a new round of $70 million in financing, financing will be used for the next international expansion.

the C round of financing by the Greenoaks Capital and London Index Ventures led, Accel and again. In January this year, $25 million B round, was established in 2013, the company has a total of about $100 million.

“we are in the market has scored response good, fast delivery of high-end food have very big demand,” Deliveroo co-founder and CEO William Shu said. “It is so, we just introduce investment, speed up the growth of the developed economies, including Western Europe, southern Europe, central Europe and many parts of the gulf states and Asia.”

in addition to the city to set up a new stronghold in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, including recruiting local drivers and cyclists, registered a high-end restaurant with the logistics platform, merchants and application end customers with distribution services, Shu said Deliveroo also plans to spend heavily on marketing, because the market development degree is still very limited.

after all platform the propaganda is still mainly rely on word of mouth (it’s hard not to notice the Deliveroo logo following delivery bikes in the streets in central London sway), and offline promotion way, such as distributing leaflets.

“we want to be at the same time, actively promote the money of reason,” he said. This means more online channels to promote investment, as well as traditional billboard advertising beginning in June.

“of course, will not reject television advertising in the future, this is the British many startup after get the vc will choose the way. When we reach a certain coverage, it is very meaningful.” Shu explained. Finally, Deliveroo plans for personnel recruitment, is not limited to new positions at the grass-roots level managers recruit, including products and engineering fields. Because the company in addition to play distribution, is also playing with science and technology, such as to build their own logistics platform, ensure the food won’t cooling, food can be delivered in a timely manner, the restaurant reception area will not be delivery staff jam.

according to people familiar with the matter, “this is not so much a platform for food, it’s more like a logistics platform. A lot of work behind the scenes are related to logistics, all is about how to use the most effective way to send something from A to B.”

it’s imitation DineIn business model and DineIn is one of the logistics distribution problems to other enterprises, provide SaaS platform service company.

at the same time, in spite of Shu is not willing to talk about the competition, more willing to pay attention to their own development and user service, he is still the Rocket Internet, a recent investment Take the Eat Easy and then buy the German company of enterprise Volo, described as “rival” in different industries. “We will pay attention to other enterprise dynamic, but don’t let them decide what we do.” Shu added.


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