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on August 25, 2014, amazon announced a $970 million deal to buy live streaming video game website Twitch Interactive all outstanding shares. Then live ring of fire, in my big China’s powerful ability to copy and paste, with “the spark can start a prairie fire”, rapid fire over me at the great river north and south, sina, netease, tencent, YY, moment, such as the banner of the live sites are selectively adjust strategic direction.

these sites mainly for “let the dream to teach you to play” and “see this dream how to play” of the two kinds of forms, some well-known games like the hero alliance, Dota2, starcraft, the heart of the zerg, world of warcraft, I (Minecraft) world, tanks, etc., and become the great god esport you punching tool, not only that, some web site is a big Bob, please play with female anchors.

small make up as a humble soft sister, because IQ is limited, online games for small make up is a ghost. But part of the cell phone games or can be proud of, (such as some elimination). Small make up today is to introduce a set of social networking, games, video of the App – hi.

hi, provide a lot of beautiful anchorwoman with online play video + mobile game strategy, the biggest difference is that the social embedded in it, has an independent social tools, let the prick silk can quickly find the organization, and find the most coarse “legs”. And close the SDK toolkit that allows users to play games, opens at random toolbox to chat, watch video, the future can also locate looking for a playmate, etc. Sound, a little “she found thousands of baidu” feeling.

of course, I’ve been waiting all the prick’s attention or female anchors, according to hi swim CEO hai-long hou, 40 + current full-time anchorwoman, part-time 300 +. (I’m nima, spicy, small make up not introduce one by one.) And there may be little fresh meat to join in the future. Small make up to tell the dream is, of course, you can not only add beauty anchorwoman friends, you can also give her flowers to send money. Of course, you have to have money!

have to say that prick silk has year after year, this year is particularly much, hi launched in June to now, the user is above 1 million, July, new users stability between 3000-5000, DAU2w above. Game update users but also on the increase.

the problem – come are likely to go.

how to retain the group in a social world living years of prick silk? While retaining the prick, how can provide viral transmission channels, form a powerful network? At this point, whether it be a partial social or heavy games, on how to retain users a lot of thought. There are actually to put it bluntly, strategy, the core is only one, the most fundamental or to the user’s heart, enhance the user experience. Although is a prick silk, but is also very high demand for quality.

hai-long hou said: “the main direction of the current team are based on the user experience, user favorite, the most convenient mobile game social.”


if it is a social platform, user viscosity will be better, but, if this for hi swim “forking” social platform, allow users to make circles, there are still very difficult.

play the Internet, no one, just imagine of it all. Because some people to make money. Like hi swim, as long as have a large user base, doing whatever can make money: 1, provide high-quality advertising platform to developers; 2, provide members; 3, top players and the anchorwoman’s income, and so on. In the future will be a big profit space.

hi technology team of 30 people, 20 people operations team. CEO hai-long hou, a former CMGE China mobile game executives, swim in the distribution, product planning, research and development, the strategy has a wealth of experience, and accumulated a lot of insider resources of arteries and veins.

in addition, hi swim promotion resources are very rich, baidu promotion, baidu mobile assistant, applications, 360, millet, peas, pickled peppers to maintain close cooperation network, etc.

small make up to sort out the competing products in the industry, many of the same type. YY voice deliberately isolated canine teeth community, TV, etc., selectively is the game of domestic video users of web sites. Compared with hi swim, form is similar, are based on the video game is given priority to, canine teeth and specialization in more games, selectively hi swim in game location on a narrow range, only do mobile games, and video anchor is give priority to in order to guide and promote mostly, later will become the developing direction of professional players.

small make up, hey swam in social, is the game enthusiasts gathered, explore potential users, for game developers to provide highly targeted market, advertising is the ultimate goal. Live video and social circle just to absorb additional attributes of the user.

hi swim interactive technology co., LTD. Is the era of science and technology co., LTD., A wholly owned subsidiary of sichuan, hi swim is actively preparing for A round of funding.

note: this article mentioned prick silk are nickname, not derogatory. Mua.

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