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since Thomas Edison invented the electric light, the use of the light is permeated every aspect of our lives, has become the indispensable consumer goods. After the rise of the concept of intelligent household, intelligent light became haier, midea, millet are the layout of a member of the intelligent household ecosystem in the future. Hunting cloud network reported today, hey, the lamp is a smart lamp. Hey, compared with those of other intelligent lamp light to do intelligent lamp in the minority.

different interaction

at present, the connection mode of intelligent light roughly divided into three kinds of bluetooth, WiFi, zigbee, by contrast, hey, the lamp of different digital sound is used to control. Here, you might think of using common voice control lamp, but unlike ordinary voice control lamp, hey, the lamp by digital sound can adjust the brightness, color temperature adjustment and open to close, and other functions.

so, what are the advantages of digital voice control? One is simple: as long as you can to control: hey, the lamp control sound can be, don’t need to connect the WiFi, or connect bluetooth; Second is to control a variety of ways: such as sweep code or control, to sweep lamp next to qr code, will open a web page, can operate the related button in the above, the phone’s speaker will sound, and light bulb after hearing voices, can be related operations. You can also use hey, lamp App to control, no need for networking and matching, even making can control the voice records; Three is no compatibility problems: compared with bluetooth, WiFi, zigbee, the existence of the more common voice, the voice on the phone’s performance more consistent and more general, so there is no compatibility problems.

demanding strict cost control


hey, lamp founder zhang lei, intelligent products, does not mean that the price is very expensive, from this point of view, to do is very low, the cost of the lamp into a mass consumer product. So how to control the cost? It is remove the part that does not belong to light, the simplest and most direct first thing to do; 2 it is step by step the IC, the core algorithm and the core of things to do, and to strictly control the cost by this way. Currently, zhang lei intends to sell the lights, hey in 39 and 49 yuan, on the premise of guarantee quality, later may be set at 19.9 yuan, and other intelligent electric light, mostly in one hundred yuan of above.

seem to have mixed light regulation of root

red, green, blue three colors of light mixed into the principle of white light, you may know. But in the actual electric light shine on, is not the case. Zhang lei shows the various brands of intelligent light lamp control module, tells the story of he encountered in the field of mixed light “pit”. He found that most brands such as millet, iMagic lights are red, green, blue, white, but the philips is red, green, blue three kinds. After research, zhang lei found only philips can use red, green, blue three kinds of lights, produce a white light, the reason is that philips lamp bead green is lime green, the only philips lamp bead also can produce. In order to get rid of the limit of the supply chain and control costs, zhang lei decided to study luminescence principle, current, hey, the lamp can already custom out three colors mixed into the white light of the lamp bead.

founder told hunting cloud network, at present, hey, the lamp is not listed, is in production, is expected to end of the month can shipment. The future development about hey lamp, zhang lei hope through software iterations and do some combination of music.

Zhang Leiceng founder

hey, the lamp is 360 consultant, responsible for the 360 security desktop, leave after 360, began to have intelligent hardware products, developed, hey lamp, this product.