as a mother, the most like to do is bring your child to go for a walk, encounter other mother, talk about their own baby, talking about how to raise her baby. About how to raise the baby, the maternal and infant platform shows different characteristics of the answer. today, maternal and infant industry in China the baby tree in Shanghai CBME: child during the exhibition officially complete equal RMB $300 million (1.86 billion yuan) financing, by the optimal product led, many domestic joint venture investment institutions.

the current cross-border electricity industry in China is like a war of no gunpowder smoke, in trust, traffic, the back-end, warehousing, logistics, distribution, and these aspects is warlord infighting, both practitioners and investors see in the eye, painful in mind. The good and bad are intermingled of maternal and infant products in the domestic market, in the face of the product when the choice, many mother looks worried, and “tao” was the maternal and infant population another option.

baby tree CEO wang said that mothers choose overseas online shopping, is the most important factors for the trust of the electric business platform, and this kind of trust from the supply of goods, also comes from the accumulation of the brand. The baby tree is China’s Internet maternal and infant industry veteran enterprises, and gather beauty is superior is vertical cross-border electrical business of China. On both counts, the combination of the baby tree and gather beauty is superior, is a guaranteed overseas online shopping goods plus the mother-to-child by a Chinese mother trusted platform.

baby tree, launched in March 2007, its contains beauty said, according to the mother, the baby time, mika creative box and a series of products. Announced in June, the baby tree for thousands of joint ventures established by ya-wei wang the hundreds of millions of yuan D rounds of strategic investment, and will plan on the agenda in domestic market.

CEO wang graduated from tsinghua university, Columbia University master of sociology, Washington’s Georgetown university MBA, has spelled by big multinational companies, such as Google, McKinsey, etc. At the end of 2006, Mr Wang and one of the founders of ebay Mr Bo shao together to create the baby tree.

at the end of last year gather beauty is superior made a “addition and subtraction” : cut to a third party platform do subtraction, assist overseas purchase business to do addition. beauty after years of development, in poly beauty buy cosmetics of little girls love the United States, now began to have a baby. April this year, gather beauty is superior is no longer focus only on the cosmetics business, and began to choose into maternal and infant industry. for gather beauty is superior, the maternal and infant products has developed into and cosmetics category as the scale of the potential, the increment is significant. This is the baby tree, gather beauty is superior listed after the first strategic investment, found in previous hunting cloud network gather beauty is superior advertising information in the baby tree.

this year, from mother to child vertical electric dealer market also bloom all over the world, the United States and e-commerce sites Zulily9 % of the shares acquired by alibaba for $56 million, at the same time honey buds baby beibei net and respectively won a $60 million and $100 million in financing. baby tree also in maternal and infant market has a place, but is still a way for further development of the resistance and long, do not slack off.

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