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trillions of level car market has been praised by entrepreneurs, starting from car maintenance program is not a few, maintain a safe, all road tiger car ownership has been completed hundreds of millions of financing. Hunting cloud network today to introduce you to a main original accessories of car ownership platform “subsidy” for me to look at the start-up companies is how to play.

login APP, help me to maintain a user in the “buffet car ownership” input “models + car mileage” can obtain a detailed maintenance service, including what kind of accessories and parts price. Bao recommended it is worth noting that help me to maintain a level of accessories are all greater than or equal to the original factory, and the price is lower than store prices. Following the online order, by appointment can go to offline maintenance accessories retail or authorized store. In addition, the business also includes car wash, help me to maintain a replacement tires, car sticker, battery door.

the Android APP to help me to maintain a 7 online open beta, iOS version is under review, will launch in the near future. Project starting from the year 315 the exposure of 4 s store in shady, “see scenes real picture let me deep in thought, after a night of thinking I decided to start a business to change the status quo, didn’t get the support of many friends, and quickly established a team.” Founder ZhaiYongRong said.

apart from exposing the maintenance and ZhaiYongRong found that with Michelin, Bosch, headed by representative of foreign auto parts giant has established a relatively perfect offline maintenance service network, but encountered a lot of business. Single product line for constructions, profitability, not a repair shop to hundreds of brands of more than two thousand cars on the road for service. All at the same time, each model car parts, corresponding to the related maintenance of the database is very complicated, the traditional electric business platform ali jingdong or pure commercial business, in the face of a lot of car accessories consumers don’t know what kind of products you need, also have no good offline installation services. “So,” help me to maintain a proposed cooperation with parts manufacturers, provide owners with original accessories + retail authorized store maintenance “solution.

Cut to the

competing goods aspects, in order to maintain a car market after the project is very much, in the same larger have B2C + O2O electric business platform way tiger have Shared, car ownership. Not is different from other overhead platform, help me to maintain a “leather offline store of life”, blindly on users, but by docking with the accessories manufacturers to get the lowest price accessories, and then negotiate with offline store, up to the consumer, to the stores are relatively reasonable prices, and most of the profits to offline store.

“auto maintenance industry, online users can’t depart from the support of offline store forever, how to reasonable interest differentiation is one of the most deadly, we and offline store is mutually beneficial cooperation mode, put most of his profits to help me to maintain a entity shop, converting the competitors to share the interests of the business partner.” ZhaiYongRong tell hunting cloud network.

at present, to help me to maintain a car maintenance is given priority to, the future will also expand their business from the following aspects:

1, extends to the maintenance services.

2, data services. According to the user use record for producers to provide goods sales situation research, production capacity, new products research and development to provide guidance for planning.

3, personalized beauty.

4, used cars and car finance.

business model, the main products, help me to maintain a unified standard and expand product lines to help improve merchandise; Accessories sent directly by the auto parts manufacturers, also a light assets operating platform. In addition, ZhaiYongRong believes that after the business expand, profit imaginary space is very big, after the car market, after all, this cake is very big.

team, founding partner of ZhaiYongRong media are born, is responsible for the promotion of operation; Head of product data with auto market after 12 years of experience, technology research and development, to a well-known Internet company technical director, head of team 14 people at present.

the financing situation temporary failure to disclose, help me to maintain a new round of financing in the works.

help me to maintain aCompany: Shanghai help raise network technology co., LTD.

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