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” there is a problem to find baidu, baidu has become almost a people’s way of life. People’s minds in all kinds of information filled with now, for the convenience of rapid retrieval, compared to use their own knowledge structure to solve the problem, people tend to be in the search box in the form of simple and crude, quickly enter the keywords to search for answers to questions that you want to ask. However, not all search out the answer to a meaning, if keyword extraction is not clear, the irrelevant answer of search engine. Besides irrelevantly a worry, there is an unavoidable fact, that is the emergence of a variety of search engines and didn’t make people smarter, on the contrary, people more and more the lack of their own knowledge system, more and more dependent on search engine of all kinds of information, thus gradually lost their knowledge structure and the ability of independent thinking. Li Tingyun his brother just want to do a different search engine, people’s thinking small universe.

we say Li Tingyun first, his brother melon, the founder of the Pisces, easy to remember after thousands of PI. is the first impression he gave hunting cloud network rock rocks, enthusiasm, full of vitality. Venture since 2007, has been in the Internet industry, so it is a real serial entrepreneur. Previously worked in Europe and the United States and Asia, and the world top 500 enterprises. startup faith “doctrine of” doctrine, brand, taste and quality.

well, speak of his products. his elder brother, scientific name Taguage, Shared search platform is a thinking. how to understand his brother melon? Here hunting cloud network in baidu, for example, from the following three points to simple analyse his melon elder brother:

product philosophy: “baidu” based on the machine, “he melon” people-oriented

once great intention to now is still strong to control search engine, search engine has to rely heavily on human, the brains of people more and more “empty”. Product design, his elder brother is not humor a human inertia thinking, but to create a language man-machine dialogue. each of us has our own label and language habits of thinking, users in their own language “” tag type definition for information about when the need to obtain this information, can not only according to oneself to think up a label index quickly out of the want to find information, but also list of people to” by “the feeling associated tag system. This habit once formed, the user’s mental node will link more faster, thinking more and more active, the brain will become more and more transparent.

technology mechanism: baidu search is focused on the information sorting, escrow finishing his brother melon focus information

if baidu is put all the pieces of information “stall” directly into your eyes, then his brother melon is information related to “string” to your brain as much as possible. Represented by Google’s great “PageRank” algorithm is to solve the scheduling problem with the weight of information, the but he “melon” based on independent research and development of the law of universal gravitation “TAGravity gravity algorithm” is a bionic algorithm based on the human brain thinking mode. “tag” a user-defined metadata become the basic language for the man-machine dialogue, and leads to each user independent consciousness of data center, everyone can thinking system under the public knowledge map nourishing healthy growth, the human brain and computer learning supplement each other in each other advanced process, everyone can be the masters of the algorithm. It also shows that “he melon” from the side of the technical focal point and breakthrough in the “people-oriented thinking level”, rather than focusing only on the surface of the information.

Ultimate essence different

his brother melon allows users to learning efficiency, way of thinking and the brain potential advanced unceasingly, thereby releasing everyone’s small universe, the liberation of the social productivity of everyone. as the saying goes, how to keep good men company information to the attention of everyone, reading way and thought system is different. Based on the content, the consensus or conflict between person and person’s thinking resonance, the sharing of knowledge economy will be made more efficient. Search everyone at the same time, also can become someone else’s discovery engine “extended mind”. Everyone can share their thought system, forming a ultimate essence of “sharing platform of thinking”.

in simple terms, he melon elder brother let each user has its own baidu, baidu each user can also be others. We can define it as “personalized search engine”. about entrepreneurship, hunting cloud network Li Tingyun told: “entrepreneurship, has been on the road; Faith, guaranteed by heart; When my generation, landmark. maybe, his elder brother is the product has an epoch-making significance.

at the moment, his brother melon team has more than 10 people. Angel financing level of thousands of yuan, Li Tingyun tell hunting cloud network, next, he melon elder brother want to be love at first sight of A round of external financing.

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