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domestic article:

have fast family rent won more than 200 million yuan A round of funding, money will be mainly used for the expansion of the national market. A home is a domestic housing landlord quickly rent service platform.

lintop technology won the $120 million B round, faith and e led by guangfa. Lintop science and technology launched its own brand products mainly include ba-ba bear intelligent children watches, ba-ba bear graphene cloud thermometer, LINKTOP multi-functional health detector, etc.

car technology won A round of $100 million. In car technology “car insurance” App can buy several mainstream insurance company car insurance products, the price is cheaper than traditional channels between 20% and 30%.

head 1 to 1 received nearly twenty million yuan A round of funding, led by suitable for capital, pine and funds to throw. Lead the 1 on 1 focus on online personal training schools, online education for 1 to 1.

Beijing yi move 15 million yuan of investment, investors for networks and Letv sports. Beijing yi main business for profit move GPS APP development and promotion, at present in Android, iOS, Windows Phone platform have to launch the application.

accounts receivable financing, financing platform prosperous wealth valley for ten million yuan A round of financing, the investor for industry investment fund. Prosperous wealth valley launched in July 2014, focusing on the financial accounts receivable financing.

grain full technology won A round of financing, and venture led, Wu Xiaoguang cast, with valuations hundreds of millions. Grain full of science and technology is a focus for foreign trade companies to provide sales management tools.

home outfit O2O electricity hi home network will launch A 300 million yuan A round

home outfit O2O electricity hi home network A round of funding will launch A 300 million yuan, the current financing options start late in May this year, 150 million yuan will take the raise pattern, another 150 million yuan will work with investment institutions.

foreign article:

DigitalOcean cloud service providers $83 million B round, from Access Industries led to existing investors Andreessen Horowitz and shot. DigitalOcean was founded in 2011, is a cloud hosting provider.

issued overseas gaming platform Mobvista $40 million B round, by the Shanghai cultural industry funds and mango haitong investment fund joint investment creative culture of hunan. Mobvista focus on the application for advertisers and developers to provide efficient quality user access, precise marketing and flow to liquidate integrated solutions.

big data analytics Axtria for C $30 million round of funding, led to Helion Venture Partners. Axtria for — — — — — – to provide consulting, outsourcing, as well as technical solutions, to help them make better based on the data driven decision-making, optimize enterprise internal sales, marketing, and risk management operations.

language learning application Babble for C $22 million round of funding, the Scottish Equity Partners led. Babble now support 15 languages learning, can charge users a monthly subscription fee.

Salviol 6.5 million euros for A round of funding, the Orange Growth Capital investment. Salviol is started with a London fraud and financial software start-up companies, the company plans to use the financing to achieve its business in Europe and the international market expansion, to promote sales growth.

automatic crash test platform Bugsnag won A $7.2 million round of financing, the investor as the Benchmark. Bugsnag start-up companies is a automatic debugging services.

Toast $750000 seed round of financing, the investor is unknown. Toast is a financial technology start-ups from Singapore, want to “make remittance of events needed time is short than Toast needs”.

game voice service provider Curse for financing, undisclosed amount, investors to “hero alliance” developers Riot Games. The company officially launched in July last year for core Voice service game, the player’s Curse Voice.

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