editor’s note: hardware upstart startup has become the eyes of investors, especially to the hardware and Internet connected enterprises. The birth of the Internet is the pride of this era, hardware enterprise and Internet link is undoubtedly open up a new development path for oneself; Similarly, investors should also be polishing the bright eyes, seize the trend of the development of the Internet.

written by Lee Howder at NextView Ventures, co-founder, VC, was once a silicon valley entrepreneur.

we (NextView VCS) is preparing for his third investment to a hardware company. At least in the recent period of time, the company will remain stealth mode; We can’t in this revealed their plans of the company. Our entrepreneurial team, for it is very interested in the potential market opportunities; And, of course, we to the people we work with a consortium is also very interested in.

the company is located in our backyard, but we almost missed the investment in it; The founder of the enterprise from other entrepreneurs mouth know NextView vc firms. When we and co-founder of the enterprise to meet for the first time, one of the founders told us: “as far as I know, you don’t invest in hardware enterprises.” ; Later, one of our common investors introduced to them this time round. I with they Whoop and Konekt describes our investment process, that we actually are also associated with hardware industry. But they have not publicly comment on our perceptions of the hardware industry.

NextView Internet companies tend to investment, and in line with the Internet wave of innovation of enterprise, so how an enterprise hardware and NextView investment theory to track? First of all, we need a long-term view of the Internet wave of innovation. Over the years, I have written many articles related to the Internet; Is also written in 2012, the recent article “the end of the Internet companies”. In fact, NextView think the emergence of the Internet has a great influence on people’s lives, and this momentum will continue for decades. So, only the genome sequence and individualized clinic has the potential of can compare with it; However, both part of the job is on the Internet cloud computing cooperation function.

we know about the Internet is for 20 years. In the late 1980 s, we will often on the network BBS exchange; Of course, the Internet before they appeared in the early 80 s; But at that time, the Internet is not popular, mainly used for military and academic organizations. Can appear early, even if the Internet is also in 1993, is a Mosaic (first in the history of the Internet is widely used and can display images of a web browser), and open to the world wide web. It was also applies only to the desktop Internet, eventually is the mobile Internet, the last is the popularity of the Internet. So, before that, most Internet innovation is focused on the digital information, commercial digital and social contact. In life you must contact with a lot of these digital products.

we now live in a world, a world in which everything has contact; It also provides the possibility for Internet innovation, the Internet really let the world all things achieved more closely linked. Which not only reflect the Uber, growing company, et al. “immediate response” economy, also reflected in the hardware device also rely on the Internet connection monitoring, operation and manufacturing; These are a great influence on the development of world economy. Since 1999, I have been waiting for the emergence of internet-connected refrigerator, allows people to order online automatic milk. Now, I really have the right reason to buy a refrigerator, OEM production (designated production) of the refrigerator can connect to the Internet; Not only that, but users can also through the use of the Internet to check the refrigerator, so trying to repair in time.

NextView investment company basically is engaged in the software industry, and is not related to hardware company. To be honest, I hope in the next few years NextView continue to maintain this investment trend; But for now, and hardware related industry development. So when we ask about the investment enterprises shall we invest in hardware startups, our answer is definitely yes. Our hardware devices for those related to the Internet and have good prospects for development of hardware companies are interested in. There is no doubt that we will invest more in the future related to hardware company.

now back to the hardware will be how to adapt to the Internet on this topic. If you take a closer look at some subversive ideas in the past, you will find that the innovation in dozens of years later, many emerging enterprises is to put the past those innovative ideas, business ideas into reality. Modern meat processing industry in “the jungle” (Upton Sinclair wrote dirty condition of Chicago packaging plant) is the direct result of a railway became popular, especially in railway refrigerator car after; In fact, steam to drive the train will have more than 40 years ago; That is to say, after more than 40 years, do people put the idea of meat processed products of railway transportation. Take-out restaurants and shopping center is in the 1850 s, but the two ideas in the car while patented in 1896. Whether or not you agree to give labeled iot hardware industry, hardware industry always is the direct result of the early Internet development. So NextView will invest more and hardware industry related companies, and other start-up by the network driver.


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