(text/Zheng Dian)

friends bask in article, printing has become a very common phenomenon, but even if you have more wonderful content, finally can only appear in word + 9 picture format. If individual users can like micro letter the public, as illustrated in the article published, it will be many bask in Eva, tourist party, a food party’s Gospel.

“micro” graphic editor is a circle of friends, sharing App, different from traditional graphic way of sharing, “micro” by graphic mixed web changed the single way of information sharing, users can send at most 50 images, and each image can be described separately.

“micro” has three functional features:

1, “micro” can be batch import images, selectively add text, adjust by order, this way of operation can greatly speed graphic editor. This app is, as it were, for mobile applications to optimize the using characteristics, suitable for the mobile editor.

2, posted the article, “micro” users on the server side articles into a web page, the user can share web link through the social platform. , of course, also can be used as a personal organizer, their record keeping. All through the “micro” published articles will be stored in the cloud.

3, different from the part of the generated HTML 5 application of the enterprise, “micro” generated web page is concise, highlighting the value of the information itself.

development “micro” was inspired by the founder Shang Qi father. As a photographer, she hopes to published a set of their own circle of friends in the (a few picture), but not suitable for personal use application market can generate HTML page of the application, operation trival public heavyweight micro letter is not suitable for ordinary people. So Shang Qi decided to develop an App to solve friends by way of sharing a single spot.

“micro” satisfied is our WeChat, weibo personal primary users share content of heavy demand. Shang Qi think in all kinds of community form, missing between blog (severe) and weibo/micro letter (mild) moderate content between social platform. “Micro” from the tools to the community, set up a moderate content of mobile social networking platform.

Adobe Slate, figure, all kinds of enterprise of HTML 5 generation tools can be said to be the “micro” “predecessors”. Adobe Slate interaction design, offers a variety of templates for users to choose from, the generated web effect is beautiful, but only the version, access and edit the speed is slow; Case diagram based on WeChat services, network services, can use without having to download and install, but also because of this, the overall poor interaction experience. Each kind of enterprise it generation tool, though can provide all kinds of beautiful template is generally going to charge.

in the same way, Shang Qi conceal “micro” shortcomings, through the “micro” share the link of the circle of friends, only a small thumbnail images bring visual impact slightly lower. In addition, the user must click here to see full content, not like ordinary friends news preview directly.

the “micro” services are relatively single. Shang Qi said, “micro” will further strengthen tool, provides various templates, audio and video support, and other functions. “Micro” hope with users of word of mouth, in the short term to completely free users maximally development, follow-up will be considered for advanced features; Articles with a built-in advertising methods such as profit.