how efficient moment thought that Google will be able to track down your information, or feel very great, although the heart hard to avoid can maomao.

Google today announced the release “your time line” function, it is a tool, Google map allows users to understand himself had been to all the places, if you choose to save your position in Google’s history can be used.

product manager Gerard Sanz has described some details of this feature on his blog, finally gradually introduced a time line for map users.

this is sure to provide convenient, after all, life is so busy every day, sometimes it’s really hard to remember. Google want users to be able to quickly trigger memories, but also for a long time before been to the site.

one more thing: if you use Google pictures, will show the characteristics of date has photos, it will further awaken your memory.

“time line” is the best place for your eyes only, and not in a social network or Shared with others. To save the information you have absolute control, so if you want to take one day or even all of the historical records are deleted, and can completely.

you can also on the “time line” edit, delete or rename it. The edited information when you log in Google map displays.

is now available for download the desktop or Android end.


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