harder. No effort, no time to test, there is no cavity resilience, then don’t talk about innovation. Elon musk, in charge of several well-known companies, such as tesla and raise no doubt with the above three qualities. To say who is qualified to talk about the innovation, must belong to musk. The following article 20 words, namely from the creative genius:

1. “great product has created unique enterprise.”

2. “founding companies like baking a cake. Perfect food matching to bake a delicious cake.”

3. “failure is only one of these links. If the smooth, not enough innovation.”

4. “entrepreneurship need innovation, drive and determination, and sales of company products.”

5. “PayPal let me start thinking about a problem, ‘most likely to influence the future what problem? “On the other hand,” what is the most profitable way? ‘and,’ in my understanding, what is most can influence the future? ‘”

6. “I think the most valuable one piece of advice: constantly reflect on how to get things done more perfect, constantly questioning myself.”

7. “when you constantly review the existing achievements, constantly reflect on how to perfect, you need a feedback loop to help you sort out your thoughts.”

8. “persistence is the cornerstone to success. To don’t give up speaking out of turn.”

9. “give yourself adequate power, otherwise your road of the struggle.”

10. “innovation is the first step may become a reality, then the opportunity will naturally appear.”

11. “work hard. Spend at least 80 to 100 hours a week in your work. Only in this way can improve the probability of success. If others work 40 hours a week, and you work 100 hours, even if you are doing the same thing, you have fast one step.”

12. “if there are some things you think are important, even if it is almost impossible to happen, also want to try to prove it.”

13. “put all your eggs in one basket is not can’t, as long as you have confidence.”

14. “when Henry Ford cars into ordinary people, and people start saying: ‘god, that the carriage? ‘Henry Ford did is an epoch-making innovation, and he succeeded.”

15. “if you wake up in the morning feel the future is very good, so this day is very good. Can affect a good mood all day.”

16. “need instruction manual products are not good.”

17. “extremely demanding to myself to do everything. Don’t pass a small mistake, force it perfect. Listen to the negative feedback, especially from the bitter words of a friend.”

18. “if you’re a co-founder and chief executive, anything you have to themselves. If you don’t do those annoying thing, your company will not succeed. No work of the high and low points.”

19. “people for adventure mixed reviews. Who don’t want to jie own ugly.”

20. “I don’t think to hire a bunch of people together to accomplish a complex work is wise move. Capacity is much does not mean good quality. The more number that doesn’t mean you can make up for the lack of talent, able to quickly find the right solution. Two people who know nothing better than an ignorant person, what’s more, the more the more likely it is to slow down the project schedule, increase the project cost.”


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